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News from Thailand – November 13, 2012

news 200x200 News from Thailand November 13, 2012 Twice a year a meeting with a senior official, a visa extension of 3 months to 1 year multiple entry: these are some perks that Elite Card offers to tourists. My dear, what more could you want?

The government is the map, which Thaksin was introduced and in April last year was stopped on a proposal from the Tourism Authority of Thailand revitalization.

should still take a speck of dust to be removed, because the company that issued the card, has a debt of 1.2 billion baht. But the government is not easy and there is 100 million baht in the project pumped. After all, what Thaksin did was well done and must return. Money is no object, who said that again?

the next 10 years, the government wants 10,000 new users find. Well, that should do it. The card costs only 2 million baht, with an annual membership fee of 20,000 baht. He is 20 years. The old card was purchased by 2,500 people.

– Vocational are not enthusiastic about the idea of ​​condom dispensers in their school to hang. According to one poll, 64 percent of respondents are in favor of, but the schools and students reject the idea squared off.

The poll was conducted by the National Institute of Development Administration under 1256 respondents. Most believe that the machines can help the problem of teenage pregnancies and the transmission of soaâ € ™ s reduction. Opponents said that the machines promiscuà ¯ ity among students promote.

Chanwit Tubsuphan, Secretary-General of the Private Education Commission, does not agree with the idea of ​​â € ~ because condoms are everywhere verkochtâ € ™. The reliability of the poll he draws into question. â € ~ Perhaps a specific group of people questioned. I often talk with parents about this matter and they are also all disagree with the plan.â € ™

Wantanee Chamchuea, Director of Business Administration Tangtrongchit Technological College, it is not a good idea because her school on temple grounds stands. Moreover, she points out that all first sex education. According to her lessons that help to prevent the students indulge in unsafe sex.

Freshman Jira Prajanprasen find a condom machine in school superfluous. â € ~ Young people today know very well where they can buy condoms. The school is not an appropriate place for them verkopen.â € ™ Sophomore Parkorn Puttiworasiri is against, but when there are such machines, the condoms are free, he says. [Condoms in different qualities, colors and flavors are at the counter of any 7-Eleven store.]

– The smear campaign against opposition leader Abhisit is misplaced, leading the government on important issues, but the good news is : they will have little effect, says political scientist Somchai Srisuttiyakorn of Sripatum university.

Somchai refers to the decision of a panel of the Department of Defense to Abhisit’s military rank to take the salary and reclaim that he taught at the military academy deserved. According to the panel, he obtained that job with forged papers and could thus evade conscription.

The decision was announced last Tuesday, not just in the run-up to the so-called censure debate that from 25 to 27 November at the request of opposition party Democrats in parliament will be held. The opposition is critical to the Government containing the tooth feel about its policies and a number of motions of censure against ministers submit.

Following the decision of the defense panel has a former senator they plan to be via The Electoral Council Constitutional Court to ask whether Abhisit still entitled to his parliamentary seat. This step is seen as an attempt to silence the Abhisit during the censure debate . But according to Somchai will ZOA € ™ s speed not walk, because the Electoral Council would reproach can get the government to bend when a quick decision.

Somchai says that the government provide better can make about the rally that the anti-government group Pitak Siam on 24 November holds à © à © n day before the fireworks in parliament begins. â € ~ The government must find a way to correct this protest to gaan.â € ™

Abhisit can not be put off by the attempts of the government to discredit him . He goes into the counterattack with a petition to the Administrative Court and a declaration to the criminal court against the defense panel.

– Thailand joins the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a regional body which negotiated a FTA members, including the U.S., various countries in the region Asia «and Pacific, Australia«, Canada, Vietnam, Mexico and six other countries. The TPP negotiations in 2010 by the U.S. revived and be completed next year.

The treaty that eventually must roll, provides for the free trade of goods and services and includes agreements that go the obligations of the WTO states. For Thailand, this means that Thai exports to the U.S. are less tainted by import tariffs and that the dependence of Amerikaâ € ™ s Generalised System of Preferences ends.

private organization FTA Watch opposes the decision to the TPP to slide. The TPP was designed Amerikaâ € ™ s influence in the region to increase at the expense of China. Some cheap drugs would henceforth be difficult to obtain because the producers of medicines no longer protected by their patents.

President Obama visits Thailand Sunday and get the good news that Thailand will join the TPP. According Bangkok Post that notice the highlight of his visit. Yesterday 30 American officials inspected the Government House. The U.S. has asked Thailand to the deployment of snipers to protect the president.

– Thanks to a tourist who happened to be in Khao Yai National Park on the wreck of a Cessna 172 came, the bodies of the pupil pilot and his trainer salvaged and reunited with their families. The device crashed down in August 2007 and was never found time. Police and staff of the park are underway to retrieve the bodies.

– The government has agreed to the plan of the Ministry of Commerce to develop a partnership in the rice trade with Cambodia , Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam with the aim of international rice prices to stabilize. Closer cooperation will also promote food security in the region and the smuggling of rice from neighboring countries occur. Thailand is interesting for smugglers because of the high price in the context of the mortgage system for rice is paid.

Concretely, the plan creating «ing of rice trade zones. First comes the turn of Cambodia. Rice from that country isolated and peeled imported into Thailand and then from Thailand isolated on behalf of Cambodia «exported. Currently exceeds the supply and demand in Cambodia because the country is insufficient rice mills and Shiloah € ™ s has, it must be quickly export rice, which world prices are printed. When the rice trade functions, is no longer necessary.

– We call it â € ~ € ™ superrijstâ, say scientists at Kasetsart University who try assuming the rijstvarià «ity Pinkaset is a type of rice to develop more resistant to water (ie floods) and a higher iron content. The research has attracted the attention of the National Science and Technology Development Agency, a grant of 20 million has been granted.

same amount goes to the Chulalongkorn University for stem cell research that will lead to better treatments for children with palate. In the Northeast 1 in 600 people suffer them, the highest percentage in the country. The researchers aim to stem from the teeth of a patient «nt to use the bone that causes the deviation, repair.

– To Pitak Siam group not to drive the wheels, the Peopleâ € ™ s Alliance for Democracy (PAD yellow shirts) all activities in the weekend of 24 and 25 November canceled. But PAD leaders will not rally of anti-government group attend regular members may self-knowing, said the PAD leadership.

Pitak Siam group, previously according to its own 20,000 people on their feet brought in her first rally consists of anti-Thaksin yellow shirts, called multicolored shirts (those who do not think red-yellow) and supporters of the Democratic Party. Figurehead is a retired general. The group sees the current government is incompetent and corrupt, and calls on her to resign.

– Do you remember? A radio antenna on a worthless piece of plastic, as described experts bomdetector GT200 and Alpha 6 that Thailand from the English company Comstrac Co. Lt. purchased. And Thailand not only, also 20 other countries. Six Britons in England prosecuted for fraudulent device.

The British police have now the Department of Special Investigation asked to testify. The DSI has done research in their own country. In total, 14 services purchased 1,576 units, the army bought most dowsing.

– The National Anti-Corruption Commission is not investigating the alleged corruption of former Interior Minister Chavarat Charnvirakul. 169 Pheu Thai-parlementarià «rs had to ZOA € ™ s survey asked, but the NACC ruled that the evidence presented was insufficient. Chavarat would have benefited from the purchase of land for water storage of the Provincial Waterworks Authority. At that time Chavarat responsible for the PWA and Pheu Thai sat in the opposition benches.

Economic News

– The Tourism Authority of Thailand organizes Loy Krathong at eight locations in Bangkok, Ayutthaya and Suphan Buri special activities. For this purpose, the sweet amount of 20 million baht allocated but that money comes twice over because the expected 633,600 visitors will be 817 million baht bring in.

Bangkok is in the last week of November Delightful Colour or Stream in the program. From November 26 to 28 provides an isolated llumineerde naval review on the Chao Praya river and light decorations on Asiatique the Riverfront, Krunthep Bridge and Krun Thon Bridge.

In Sukothai Historical Park is from 24 to 28 November Dawn of Happiness procession. Visitors can marvel at floating lanterns, fireworks and Miss Noppamas beauty contest. There is also a Krathong contest Desire consideration and there are light and sound presentations.

Loy Krathong goes back to the Sukothai era and was called Khom Loy Loy Pratip or (floating lanterns) . Noppamas, the favorite concubine of the king, coined the krathong, a boat in the shape of a lotus.

The party is on the twelfth full moon of the year is celebrated. Thais make or buy krathongs, which consist of a disc of the banana tree as float bearing flowers, incense sticks, candles, coins and sometimes nails. With a krathong is forgiveness asked Phra Mae Khongkha, the goddess of water, so that they all adversities and misfortunes with her along.

– 412 small farmers with an oil palm farm over the last three years certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), a global non-profit organization founded in 2007 to promote the sustainable cultivation of palm products to promote. The farmers adhere to sustainability guidelines in the field of management of the farm, fertilizer use, and safety and health of workers.

that small farmers are now certified is quite special, because until now, only large companies that. Not least because 70 percent of palm oil is produced by small farmers. The certification provides for both farmers and consumers benefit. Protect the environment, the consumer demand for environmentally friendly products is met and the participating farmers reported a higher yield: 3,160 kg per rai compared to 2490 per rai for farmers who do not participate.

Johnson & Johnson has signed a contract with certified farmers groups. The farmers sell their products directly to the company, which is brokering circumvented. Moreover, they no longer suffer from fluctuations.

Thailand has 100,000 oil palm farmers. Daniel May, connected with the German organization that the project over the past three years co-financed, hopes that the Thai government funds and expertise to, so that the farmers can be persuaded to produce sustainably. The certification is valid for 5 years, each year a audit place where the farmers have to submit their accounts. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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