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News from Thailand – November 18, 2013

Murder Jakkrit widow and mother visiting minister News from Thailand November 18 2013

Nitiwadee Pucharoenyos (left) and her mother Surang Duangjinda, who says the murder to have ordered. On the homepage wear anti-government protesters huge krathongs to the water. Many people believe that if you lose the bad things in your life.

If you want to murder someone, you should not let you do that by a person with whom you frequently have had before. murder to call For if the police came the killer of Olympic marksman Jakkrit on the track. The phone records of his wife and mother found that they often had phoned some Kirasak Klinkhai. That was suspicious because the man had no knowledge of them.

When the police came, behind the solution was near. Kirasak was arrested by police from Krabi and interrogated by the detectives in Bangkok. Initially he kept his mouth shut, but â € ~ faced with police interrogation pressureâ € ™ [You must decide what could be meant by self] he hit on. The rest of the story is well known: a middleman was arrested, and a lawyer who Kirasak would have hired, was heard. Only the driver of the vehicle from which the fatal shots were fired, is still at large.

Jakkrits mother took care of the final. Having given to murder because he had abused his wife. Jakkrit years they familiar command According to the woman the wife would not have known of her plan, but police believe anything. Mother, wife and his lawyer released on bail.

– The father of Jakkrit has instructed his lawyer to ask him to appoint his son as an asset of the court of Prachuap Khri Khan. Jakkrit wrote a few years ago as a resident of the district Kui Buri to make the election to do with it. The widow opposes, the power belongs to the two daughters of her and Jakkrit


– Prime Minister Yingluck yesterday officially launched for â € ~ People Against Violenceâ € ™, a campaign of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. The campaign is asking for violence against women and children. Purpose attention Bangkok Post there spends a photo to photo caption.

– More Yingluck, now the catcalls which cabinet members are treated as protesters get them in the holes. â € ~ People are entitled to express. their political opinion A whistle blowing is a way to let people know their opinion. The government can not it ingrijpen.â € ™

Nevertheless, they did not ask the whistlers whistling. official occasions at le « â € ~ There are many other ways to make your voice heard and there are numerous platforms for the government to luisteren.â in the opinion of the population € ™ She also asked the protesters to pick.

– Police yesterday searched the tent of students of vocational training at the Makkhawan Rangsan bridge to weapons. Six agents of the police Nang Loen looked around there, but they found nothing. The students asked them tough questions and treated them whistling. They also made video and still pictures of the agents.

The search was a response to an incident Saturday when an agent lightly injured in a skirmish with students. The Network of Students and People for Reform of Thailand, near the bridge that has stored his tent, going to find out whether the attackers  Tota their club properly.

The head of the municipal police will consult with the protest leaders on safety. He claims to have received that â € ~ certain people with bad bedoelingenâ € ™ mess going stairs. Information The police set up checkpoints to protect the protest site.

– A major battle â € ~ dayâ € ™, so called rally leader Suthep Thaugsuban next Sunday. He hopes one million people at the Democracy Monument on Ratchadamnoen Avenue to mobilize. â € ~ This is your last chance to make a historic day, when Thai free itself from the Thaksin regime. part This is the last opportunity for you to create a better future for our next generation to create «ren.â € ™ [My mother would say:-Where does he come from?]

– Macabre find! Ozzi in a rubber plantation in Khok Po (Pattani). Villagers stumbled Saturday resemble a burnt 200-liter fuel tank with three charred. The bodies were taken to Khok Pho hospital for autopsy.

At the crime scene, police found a porfeuille with an identity card in the name of a 21-year-old man. The police on the basis thereof, and information from family members determine. The identity of the other two (both 35) About the motive affected the police still in the dark, possibly related to a business conflict


– It was to be expected: fireworks victims Loy Krathong. Well, you’re a cow if you stunt with fireworks, we would say in the Netherlands. Twenty-four did yesterday in Chiang Mai, including a 12-year-old boy. He injured his neck. In Lampang a teenager (19) pieces of three fingers, then lost a large firework exploded in his hand.

– Thailand intends by 2020 greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced by 7 to 20 percent. That’s Pithaya Pookaman, advisor to the Minister of the Environment and head of the Thai delegation at a UN conference in Warsaw (the newspaper put it all clear in Poland), disclose


gasreductie is listed in an action plan next year is offered. to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change The plan includes measures in the field of renewable energy, logistics, public transport and green technology. The focus is on energy and transport, because the biggest polluters.

Thailand is not a major environmental polluter â € “the greenhouse gas emission is 0.6 percent of the world total – but she’s risen rapidly in recent years, unlike the U.S. and Europe, which have stable emissions


– Some villages in the district of Bang Saphan (Prachuap Khiri Khan) were yesterday due to flooding caused by heavy rainfall. Roads and farmland were flooded. The residents of tambon Mae Disaster Hung gadviseerd to look to avoid run-off. of the mountain range Tanaosi higher grounds Saturday were 28 villages in the district of Bang Saphan Noi underwater.

– In a rented house in Ban Khai (Rayong) are the bodies of two men (36 and 38) found. They were slain with a firearm. In an open safe deposit box, police found four registration documents for firearms and silencers.

– 32 seconds needed from a gold shop in Big C superstore in Dao Khanong (Bangkok) to steal 20 gold necklaces a thief. He threatened staff with a firearm and fled on a motorcycle.

– In the first ten months of this year, the directors of more than four thousand minivans violated the speed limit and many passengers carried. Went further 3,409 operators in error because they broke their licensing conditions.

– A dog has a pond in Tha Maka (Kanchanaburi) dragged half the body of a baby. Lacking the lower part of the child. The police is looking for the parents.

Political News

Constitution Amendment 4 scenarios 391x1024 News from Thailand November 18, 2013 – Wednesday was an exciting day for Thailand. In the worst case, ruling party dissolved and may Pheu Thai MPs, who are also board, turning 5 years with their (political) thumbs. â € ~ The already fragile political situation comes under further pressure staanâ € ™ writes Bangkok Post .

Wednesday bends the Constitutional Court on four petitions filed by MPs from opposition Democrats. They opposed the draft bill to amend the composition and election procedure of the Senate. Main issues: the Senate is not appointed for the half, but chosen as a whole. Parents, spouses and children may also election.

The paper outlines four scenarioâ € ™ s (see box). In the worst case, ruling party Pheu Thai indeed dissolved, but the government has no consequences that statement. Prime Minister Yingluck as well as all Pheu Thai MPs can join a new party and it’s business as usual. That’s already happened twice after removal of Thai Rak Thai (Thaksin’s party) and the Peopleâ € ™ s Power Party, the two predecessors of Pheu Thai.

What else is likely that the National Anti-Corruption Commission begins an impeachment against the 310 MPs who voted. before the amendment

Political analysts hope that the Court chooses the most extreme scenario, because then the political tension rise with the risk that â € “and government opponents attack each other.

Police have stepped up surveillance of government buildings and position taken at the homes of â € ~ € ™ mensenâ important. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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