News from Thailand – November 2, 2013

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News from Thailand – November 2, 2013

Makkasan1 News from Thailand November 2, 2013

Thailands only performing public company, the State Railway of Thailand, has a great plan to come. n off a debt of 80 billion baht at the Ministry of Finance « The Ministry of Transport, including the SRT belongs shall finance «n for the 800 rai of land at Makkasan station and Chong Nonsi, owned by the SRT, for 90 to 100 years before the leases and debt Impairs in return.

Especially the ground at Makkassan (497 rai) is worth gold with direct access to the skytrain, subway and Airport Rail Link. The land is valued at 600,000 baht per square wah, but when it is developed into a business district, the land price can go up to 1.5 million baht, higher than the highest price of land in Bangkok on Silom Road.

The plot in Chong Nonsi measuring 277 rai, 70 rai along the Chao Phraya, but that strip is reserved for Defence. That should give to develop it.


The SRT has a net capacity of 157 billion baht and a net debt of 110 billion baht, net equity of 56.2 billion baht and an accumulated debt from operations of 75.8 billion baht. The net profit margin is -112.26 percent. In total, the SRT owns 250,000 rai.

– Strange contradiction: the Government emphasizes that the Preah Vihear case will not lead to violence on the border with Cambodia but in the meantime keep the army or attack exercises in Si Sa Ket and residents get evacuation training. The authorities would rather be safe than sorry and want the residents know what to do when fighting breaks out.

Yesterday began training with students and teachers of the school in Ban Sokkkampom Kanthalarak. This district was hit by Cambodian missiles in 2010. EA © n resident was killed and thirty houses were then damage. The children were taught to recognize the sound of incoming rockets, artillery shells and mortars, and they made shelters clean. Of these, 810 in the area.

Members of Thammayatra group gathered yesterday at the Muang Pillar to voorbereiding a protest campaign. When the Court to the detriment of his rulings Thailand and Thai troops to withdraw from the area, the group draws the area to defend the territory of the country says Wichan Phuwiharn.

According to a source at the Cambodia army soldiers and armed military vehicles stationed around the temple. Deputy army commander Their Manet, a son of Prime Minister Hun Sen, there would also have been reported, as well as the Cambodian regional army commander and other commanders.

On November 11, the International Court of Justice in The Hague, shall decide the matter and we know whether the disputed by both countries is 4.6 square kilometers near the temple Thai or Cambodian territory.

– Is currently the last battle against Thaksin delivered in Thailand? MEP Korn Chatikavanij (Democrats) not sure. But the Democrats will continue to oppose the amnesty proposal regardless of whether that is at the expense of their popularity.

Bangkok Post today pays a lot of attention to the proposal. Stitch the news that I â € ~ in the posting The die is geworpenâ € ™’ve left.

  • The Senate is likely to start on November 11 at the examination of the proposal, coincidentally the same day that the International Court of Justice in The Hague makes a statement in the Preah Vihear case.
  • MEP Korn Chatikavanij (Democrats) hopes the Senate maintains its neutrality. â € ~ We’ll see if the majority of the senators the instructions of the Government volgt.â € ™
  • Some business associations and the (private) Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand declared to be.
  • against the amnesty proposal

  • The anti-Thaksin coalition, the State Enterprise Relations Confederation Workersâ € ™ and the Dhamma Army have called on their supporters in the country to come.
  • Bangkok

  • Somkiat Pongpaibul, protest leader in Uruphong (Bangkok), says that the police Phaya Thai is trying to break. protest today Protest Leader Nitithorn Lamlua: â € ~ We will talk to the police and remind her that we have the right to demonstrate peacefully. We are willing to confrontation when the police come to verspreiden.â € ™
  • us

  • three army units each have 150 military police stand related to the Internal Securiy Act which applies to three districts in Bangkok.
  • Four red shirt MPs have in deviation from their own party’s vote in the House of Representatives yesterday abstained: Worachai Hema (who submitted the original proposal), Khattiya Sawatdipol (whose father was shot dead by a sniper in 2010 ), Weng Tojirakarn and Natthawut Saikuar (Secretary of Commerce).
  • Red Shirt Korkaew Pikulthong parliament voted for the proposal. He was apparently afraid of retaliation by the party, which is threatened.
  • opposition party Democrats did not participate in the vote, which the proposal was adopted. 310-0 with votes The newspaper says nothing about the voting behavior of the small parties.
  • The Rural Doctors Society opposes in a statement against the proposal. She hospitals in the country called hang.
  • protest banners
  • 491 academics and staff of the National Institute of Development Administration have issued a similar statement.
  • Nakhon Ratchasima held an anti-corruption network yesterday a meeting which was protested.
  • against the proposal

  • Payao Akkahad, the mother of a nurse who was shot dead in 2010, says Thaksin has betrayed his supporters to make. his own return possible â € ~ From now on walk red shirt members and Pheu Thai different ways. They have fooled the people to die on their behalf. They trample the dead bodies for the return of their leider.â € ™
  • Sutachai Yimprasert, assistant professor of history at the University Chualongkorn, considers it unlikely that the red shirts with Pheu Thai Thaksin or break. â € ~ The red shirts still love Thaksin åAlthough they disagree with the blank amnestie.â € ™
  • Sombat Boongam-Anong (Red Sunday group): â € ~ Thaksin sees what we see: the riska € ™ s the controversial «le proposal. But he continues, so he must take full responsibility for what might gebeuren.â € ™ Sombat think that the government will dissolve parliament if the political temperature rises.
  • It is unclear whether the amnesty proposal also has implications for the violence in the South. Aathif Shukuor (or Patani Raya Academy for Peace and Development) is afraid that the amnesty will stimulate a culture of impunity and the use of force by security personnel.
  • Thursday were district offices in the country of the Provincial Administration Department contract billboards with pro-amnesty texts to put down, but that job is hastily withdrawn after protests on social media. The department had already delivered texts.
  • Bangkok Post calls in its editorial today the red shirt leadership to come forward and lead. a mass protest â € ~ The proposal goes against everything that the Red Shirts have fought. The leaders owe it to the dead and their survivors to vechten.â € ™
  • to the bitter end against the proposal

  • A group of students from Thammasat University yesterday held a symbolic protest for the Pheu Thai Party office.

– The government has at its mobile meeting in Lop Buri yesterday a budget of 16.4 billion baht earmarked for development projects in Sing Buri, Lop Buri, Ang Thong and Chai Nat. The provinces have been asked to draw up detailed anti-flood plans and submit to the Water and Flood Management Commission, that management has about 350 billion baht for water works.

– A little sloppy, I would say. The police that the Porsche of the murdered marksman Jakkrit Panichpatikum studied saw his cell overlook that was in the glove compartment. In a second search that the as yet emerged.

– The woman, who Wednesday a two-day-old baby from hospital Sadao (Songkhla) stable, has been arrested. The obvious explanation: I have long been married and have no children. The woman dressed as a nurse so she could take.


– Twenty-eight elephants seized are back in their bead in Sai Yok (Kanchanaburi). The police had the animals taken on August 29 because the owner could consult. No ownership papers Yesterday he had them miraculously well. The police found that they were all okay.

– The public hearing on the proposed waterworks in Uthai Thani yesterday pulled 10,000 interested. The governor took a petition with 60,000 signatures in reception. The petition protesting against the water plans of the government, with a budget of 350 billion baht is earmarked. The message is not clear whether the protest concerning the plans for Uthai Thani or for all planned work.


Economic news

– Economic growth in the fourth quarter pulling, expect the Bank of Thailand. This is in line with the trend which began with the stable domestic consumption and private investment.

in the third quarter

For the full year the BoT expects an economic growth of 3.7 percent, 0.5 percent less than its July forecast. The Fiscal Policy Office also predicts 3.7 percent, the National Economic and Social Development is slightly more optimistic with 3.8 Ã 4.3 percent.

In the third quarter, exports shrank by 1.65 percent year on year, less than in the second quarter when it was 2.18 percent in the minus. Exports improved slightly despite an increase in global demand, but it early mortality syndrome in shrimp threw a spanner in the works.

domestic spending were stable in September, households hold the purse strings because of their accumulated debts. Inflation decreased to 1.42 percent due to lower prices in all categories «n.

tourism is still doing well. In the third quarter, the increase was 26.1 percent with 2.1 million foreign tourists arrived, mainly from China, Malaysia «and Russia.

– The Economic Intelligence Center (EIC) of the SCB expects economic growth next year comes out at 4.5 percent. That is due to an increase in exports and government spending on infrastructure projects. The central bank keeps it at 4.8 percent.

EIC expects public spending next year amount to 476 billion baht, money that comes from the budget of 350 billion waterworks and the two trillion baht that will be borrowed for infrastructure projects. The waterworks currently stagnating because the court has ordered that public hearings and impact assessments must be held before the work is carried out. Of the 53 water projects have a 29 EIA behind (environmental impact assessment).

The main engine for economic growth next year exports. This year is expected to rise by 1.5 percent next year by 8 percent due to improved exports to China, Europe and the regional markets. An uncertain factor is the scaling back of QE by the U.S. FED. This will probably start early next year. This affects the capital flows and exchange rates. The baht will fall slightly next year in value.

EIC expects the Bank of Thailand’s policy rate to 2.5 percent means to prevent pressure on inflation and because the household debt will decrease. The EIC does not consider the current political tensions as harmful to â € ™ the nation’s economy or business environment. â € ~ We live for 10 years under political spanningenâ € ™ said Sutapâ Amornvivat, chief economist and vice president. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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