News from Thailand – November 22, 2013

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News from Thailand – November 22, 2013

Demonstration Democracy Monument woman with dog News from Thailand November 22, 2013

The illegal practice that mustache managers pick up passengers arriving at Suvarnabhumi vertrekdek, will put a stop.

Airports of Thailand, the manager of the airport, has early this month turnstiles (turning points?) applied. The measure to alleviate. Purpose traffic congestion at the departure hall Many taxi drivers waiting there after they have delivered.


The drivers also pose a security risk because the airport does not have their license. They rely too many passengers, refusing to put their taximeter and engage in other questionable practices.

Passengers arriving, serve on the ground to take a taxi. Those drivers are registered with the airport. Passengers pay 50 baht extra over the meter fare. They get a receipt with details about the driver in case they file a complaint. There are only Taxia € ™ s, which are not older than 2 years.

AoT also plans waiting passengers somewhat easier to pass. follow simple numbers from People do not have to stand in line. When they pull a serial number, they can enter their destination at the same time and the desired size of the cab.

According to Minister Chad Chart Sittipunt (Transport) have the effect turning points: the number of passengers on the ground floor a taxi, has increased from 6,000 to 9,000 per day


– The anti-government groups to expand the protest site on Ratchadamnoen Klang Avenue, so there is more room for the one million people are expected Sunday. There are more speakers and video screens.

target of 1 million has been named by rally leader Suthep Thaugsuban, on the rally stage of opposition party Democrats a pep talk does every day. He wants to â € ~ Thaksin regimeâ € ™ eliminate referring to the living in exile since 2008, former Prime Minister Thaksin still pulls like a Big Brother to the strings.

Ekkanat Phromphan spokesman says the rally continues even after Sunday. Sunday is just the â € ~ € ™ startâ a big rally to the government to overthrow you. The municipal police is worried about the rally on Sunday. She says about information that some people want to have provoke.


Adul Narongsak, deputy head of the municipal police, calling the people for their own â € ~ € ™ veiligheidâ to stay. at home He referred to the detonation of an explosive rally at the site of the Network for Students and People for Reform of Thailand which a policeman was injured.

Following the ontploffinkje (more was not), the number of police checkpoints increased from 12 to 23. Monday was held at the Phan Phiphop intersection a soldier who carried a firearm.

– Because the king lives in his summer palace in Hua Hin, a large traffic towards South expects the 86th anniversary of the frost on December 5. All those autoâ € ™ s take the Phetkasem Road, why the governors of the upper southern provinces have been asked to participate.

traffic measures

On 1 December, the road partially closed so that the royal guard undisturbed the Klai Kangwon Palace can reach. They go there rehearsing for the traditional ceremony, in which they pledge allegiance to the monarch. The first rehearsal was held yesterday at the headquarters of the eleventh infantry regiment, a second following Thursday. At the oath taking twelve battalions of the Royal Guard and a battalion of regular troops part.

On December 5, â € ™ the morning keeps the king Audia «variance in Rajpracha Samakhom Pavilion for members of the royal family and government officials to find the swearing place.

– A phone bill of 1.3 million baht after a 10-day trip for the Hajj to Mecca. The man who got this bill, has filed a complaint with telephoto watchdog NBTC. He had a roaming data package of 350 baht per day bought for 25 megabytes per day and thought the service Bea «would be, when he had reached its limit. 7,000 baht terminated But that did not happen, because the service is not “applies to Saudi Arabia.

The NBTC customers pay an annual total of 100 million baht for this kind of jokes. The NBTC advises clients every now and then to check how much credit is used.

– The Prince Mahidol Award 2013 goes to a Belgian doctor and three American doctors for their efforts and / or research in the field of HIV / AIDS. Peter Piot from Belgium «is director of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. He plays an important role in raising awareness of AIDS and access to medicines to fight HIV. The awards will be presented on January 28 at the Chakri Throne Hall in the Grand Palace complex.

– Projects in the field of education in the English language in Thailand lack a clear objective, are not integrated into the curriculum, and lack a professional approach and outcome assessment. This conclusion draws Sa-ngiam Torut, lecturer at the Faculty of Education of the Silpakorn University, after a competition.

She suggests China as an example the English Corners in schools, universities and in neighborhoods, Singapore with extensive reading PROGRAMS € ™ s and Vietnam where to professional development of teachers is done. English

Sa-ngiam warns of the plan to the mathematics and physics classes in English to give. Malaysia «did it, but stopped because the students although higher figures for English but scored lower in those subjects.

– In an attack on a house in Rueso (Narathiwat) agents have seven alleged members of the rebel group Runda Kumpulan Kecil held. The men were, when they saw that the house was besieged, fled into a nearby rubber plantation, but the escape attempt had not the desired effect. In the house were weapons, ammunition, military unformen, sleeping bags and some more stuff found.

– Eighty residents of Phum Srol on the border with Cambodia, the Thai ambassador to the Netherlands put in the flowers. They traveled to Bangkok and gave him at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs a beautiful bunch of red roses as a thank you for his work in The Hague at the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

residents are grateful that thanks to the work of him and his team has been continued violence. They were accompanied by the governor of Si Sa Ket. The ambassador gave the residents an explanation of the judgment of the ICJ.

– The coffee seller with the board on which a logo that was very similar to that of Starbuck seemed eggs has chosen for his money and the board removed. The case was settled amicably, after Starbuck declaration was made and a compensation of 300,000 baht had isolated «ist. The coffee thing the man is now called â € ~ Bunga € ™ s Tearsâ € ™.

– The Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Department of Special Investigation (DSI, the Thai FBI) ​​to investigate gold shops in Phuket, who sell fake products requested investigation. Recently, about thirty tourists complained. The most recent case concerns a Pole in Bangkok was scammed. Tuktuk drivers often work with because they bring tourists to the relevant stores. The DSI has twenty stores in Greater Bangkok and some tourist destinations in sight.

– After three days of torrential rains, some villages in Pattani and Yala flooded. The Pattani River has entered its banks. The situation could worsen if the low pressure area above Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat not dissolve quickly.

-. Pech for the producers of the Hollywood thriller The Coup in Lampang Fire in a building that was used as a studio, Wednesday destroyed eleven units. Pierce Brosnan, Lake Bell and Owen Wilson would hardly have escaped to the flames. The fire was probably caused by an explosion, a special effect that this time very special was.

– The statue of the mermaid in Songkhla is a symbol for Samila beach and serves no other purpose. Visitors have been wounds yellow cloths and garlands hung on as if it is a Buddhist image. The municipality is not charmed, it is the reputation of the image any good. The image is inspired by the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen. The official «le name is Nguek Nang Thong (Golden Mermaid).

Political News

– At the saber rattling between chamber president Somsak Kiatsuranon and Democrats opposition party seems to have come to an end. Somsak put it requested censure debate on the agenda of the House. Earlier, he said that the request was insufficiently substantiated and Democrats accused him help.


This extra information will Somsak now received by Monday. The debate must take place on Thursday, because then the parliament in recess. Observers suggest that the Prime Minister now can not dissolve the House because the debate on the agenda. Only after the debate and after the motions of no confidence is voted, you can.

Democrats move a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Yingluck, the Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Plodprasop Suraswadi. The regeringswhip expects the debate à © à © n day takes the oppositiewhip says three days to need.

– The Senate on Wednesday agreed with the proposal to borrow for infrastructure projects 2 trillion baht. A group of senators asked to judge the legitimacy of this proposal by the Senate President, the Constitutional Court, the opposition Wednesday submitted a similar petition to the Court. Opponents say that the money can be pulled through the normal budgetary procedure the current proposal gives the government carte blanche to spend the money

at its discretion.

– The National Anti-Corruption Commission gets busy. In addition to the petitions that I mentioned in the posting â € ~ Government Party goes into the tegenaanvalâ € ™, the committee received more petitions, all of which have to do with the proposal to amend the Senate (on Wednesday by the Constitutional Court is rejected). The NACC wipe them all together and treats them as à © à © n case, thus a NACC member â € ~ € ™ Timea some will take.

I call them point by point:

  • A group of senators calls for criminal action against the MPs who voted for the proposal.
  • Citizens ask for criminal charges against the Pheu Thai party Member of Parliament on behalf voted. He used their electronic voting cards. Opposition Party Democrats will do the same request. According to the party, he violated the Computer Crime Act.
  • opposition party Democrats and anti-government senators demanding the dismissal of the chairmen of the House of Representatives and Senate. They are accused of political bias during the parliamentary debate on the proposal.
  • Network of Students and People for Thailandâ € ™ s Reform demanding the dismissal of Prime Minister Yingluck, both chairmen and the 310 MPs who voted for the proposal. The network accuses them of dereliction of duty in violation of the constitution and the code of ethics of politicians.
  • known group of 40 senators critical today delivers a deposition petition against the 312 parliamentarians (both from the House of Representatives and the Senate), who voted for the proposal. When the NACC honor this request, the case goes to the Senate decides on deposition.
  • In the newspaper report missing what I have read on the website, namely that opposition party Democrats will do the same request as the senators.
  • next week

Economic news

– â € ™ t actually old news, but I mention it here anyway. The government has in Harbin in northeastern Heilongjiang Province signed a contract with the Chinese state-owned Beijing Great Northern Wilderness Rice Industry for the supply of 1.2 million tons of rice and 900,000 tons of tapioca. How many catches Thailand, was not disclosed other than that the price is based on the world market.

The sale of rice is extremely timely, because Thailands graansiloâ € ™ s are packed with rice in the past two seasons at a guaranteed price of farmers is bought. According to the government’s stock is still 10 million tonnes, but industry sources believe 16 to 17 million tons plausible. As known succeed Thailand hardly sell because the price is too high.


Surasak Riangkrul, Director General of the Foreign Trade Department, said that Thailand is negotiating with Malaysia «, Indonesia« and the Philippines and countries in the Middle East and Africa on rice sales. He thinks it will be better next year with the export of rice.

So far, Thailand this year 5.63 million tons of rice isolated «exported, 3 percent less than the same period last year. The target is 6.5 million for the entire year and next 8 to 10 million tons. Since last year, Thailand has its leading position as the worldâ € ™ s largest rice exporter lost to India and Vietnam.

rice last four seasons (two per year), the mortgage system to 683 billion baht paid guaranteed prices and 89.5 billion baht cost of management expenses. Up to now, only a rice with a value of 135 billion baht sold. For the new rice season, which began October 1, the government has earmarked 270 billion baht. Farmers who have handed in their rice, have not seen a penny, because the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives has not sufficient funds. The guaranteed price that farmers get, is 40 percent above the market price, which makes the system heavy loss.

According to the Thai Rice Exporters Association is a breath of fresh air to the sale, but the message on that I do not understand. See: â € ~ Government under fire for not disclosing VALUEA € ™ on the website of the newspaper


– Italian-Thai Development Plc (ITD) shall not withdraw from the Dawei project in Myanmar. Work on the first phase of a small port are shut down, not because the company would have, but lack of capital to attract [].

other investors

come Dawei deep-sea port and an economic zone, which are jointly developed by Thailand and Myanmar. The project is progressing slowly, because investors are not rushing their expensive money to stabbing.

ITD has a concession of 75 years. The government estimates that the company has so far spent.

Dawei to 3 billion baht

– Thailand gets four new Japanese restaurant and food chains at: Miyabi Grill Co., Central Restaurant Group (CRG), Kacha Brothers Co. and Fuji Restaurant Group. Miyabi Grill is currently negotiating with Japanese relations over the opening of sushi and ramen shops. The Fujifilm Group will soon open in Bangkok Jojoen Yakiniku Restaurants.

The director of the group is optimistic because Miyabi Japanese food is considered to be healthy. The company invests 50 million baht this year the introduction of two new brands in the yakiniku style. The first is Jousen Yakiniku & Bar, an authentic Japanese hang-out for young people in the mall Mercury Ville Chidlom Road and The Walk Kaset-Nawamin. The other is Wabi Sabi, a premium yakiniku eatery Groove @ Central World. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

Submitted communication

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