News from Thailand – November 24, 2013

24th of November 2013 0

News from Thailand – November 24, 2013


Floods Nop Phi Tham Nakhon Si Thammarat Thailand News from November 24, 2013

The floods have killed in the province of Trang three people. The province of Songkhla is half declared a disaster area. Tens of thousands of residents in the South were forced to leave their homes. The floods destroyed homes, autoâ € ™ s and fields. An overview of the disastrous situation:

  • Songkhla. Eight of the sixteen districts have been declared disaster areas. The worst affected districts are Ranot, Sathing Phra and Chana. Residents are flat bottoms isolated «evacuated.
  • Prachuap Khiri Khan. Run-off from the mountains flowed into the city. The water is now one meter high. Also, the district Bang Saphan Noi was hit by flooding. Residents who live along the canal and Bang Saphan been warned. In low-lying areas
  • Surat Thani. In the district of Tha Chana water in the city continued to grow to a height of 50 to 70 cm. More water flowed yesterday from the nearby tambons Khlong Pha and Prasong. Seven villages in tambon Khlong Pha from the outside world cut off after two roads had become impassable. Two thousand residents can go anywhere. The Khlong Pha tank began to overflow.
  • Phatthalung. Six districts were affected by floods, houses and farmland have been damaged. In seven tambons with 50,000 residents the water is 1.5 meters high. When the floods worsen, eleven districts declared disaster area.
  • Trang. Three deaths run-off of Bantad mountain range. The water level in the river rises Trang. More than 2,500 families in 22 tambons in five districts have flooding.
  • Chumphon. A strong wind damaged in the district Pathiu hundred houses and rubber plantations. The water in the canals Chumko Khlong and Khlong Bang Son continues to rise. Residents are advised to be ready to leave when it no end.
  • Asian Highway in Lang Suan and Thung Tako flooded, but the traffic can still pass.
  • railway between Laem Tanod and Ron Phibun Nakhon Si Thammarat is under 20 cm of water. The trains do not go beyond Thung Son. Earlier duizendend stranded travelers in Nakhon Si Thammarat and Phatthalung.
  • Photo: A rope bridge is intended to replace a concrete bridge in Nop Phi Tham (Nakhon Si Thammarat), which was washed away
  • .

– When a bomb attack on a mosque in Thepha (Songkhla) yesterday four soldiers wounded, of whom à © à © n seriously. The bomb exploded when a squad of soldiers on morning patrol on a local market paused. Witnesses say they saw a box placed at the moskeehek two people. Minutes later the bomb.


from an ambush in Sai Buri (Pattani) Friday is a hiker shot. Also on Friday was in Muang (Yala) a woman shot. Her husband was seriously injured. The couple rode the bike home and was by insurgents who had barricaded themselves in roadside bushes shot. She ran away when the man shot back.

– Witnesses have confirmed that 13 years ago, 55 members of the Karen rebel group Goda € ™ s Army placed, after which nothing has been heard from them to a refugee camp on the Thai military. These are members of the Lawyers Council of Thailand been told during a visit to Suan Phung (Ratchaburi) on the border with Myanmar.

LCT does research at the request of Luther Htoo, a former leader of the Goda € ™ s Army. At the time, his camp was attacked in Kamerplaw on the Myanmar side of the border troops of Thailand and Myanmar. Five hundred Karen fled in both directions. In addition, 55 men were arrested.

Surapong Kongchantuk, chairman of a subcommittee LCT, calls the case an international human rights issue. â € ~ The government should give clear information the relatives. When they died, they should be told where the bodies zijn.â € ™

– The City of Bangkok has six aquatic weed harvesters purchased (homepage photo), so the Chao Phraya does not need to be cleaned manually. [Who devises a beautiful translation?] With large metal teeth they create the weeds and other foreign and depositing it on a conveyor belt. Then, the ground and deposited in a barge.

Monday was the first day and came a day after Loy Krathong good. The crew collected 97 602 krathongs without losing a drop of sweat as previous years.

The automation does not lead to layoffs among the 190 men counting staff. The current fleet of 50 small boats remain in service for the narrower channels. Many staff have joint and muscle complaints through the years of hard work. It is now (partly) to an end. Each boat has a crew of three people.

Because here also TIT, the new fleet can be deployed immediately. It is waiting for a permit from the Marine Department. Which is expected late this month. May next year there will be another ship in the waste can compress.

– Of course everyone wants to have a say about the ruling of the Constitutional Court, therefore Nitirat let us know what they think. The group of lawyers associated with Thammasat University, says that, in the case of the Senate proposal was not qualified to judge.

â € ~ The jurisdiction of the Court is limited by the Constitution [2007] â € ™ says Worachet Pakeerut. â € ~ This is the first priority and must be assessed for each case. The Court has not done so. It relied on the principle that it must protect the minority. This principle does not mean that the majority must take into account the minority. It merely sets the opportunity to express themselves. Outnumbered its opinion This concept does not come into judgment voor.â € ™

I would say to the legal specialists, so the rest of the message, I turn it over. Well, even à © à © n quote then. Worachet called the verdict â € ~ dictatorship minderheidâ € ™.

– Yes, we have a seminar. Oh, what are they going bonkers in Thailand and they all have long names. This is called â € ~ Political Expression Violations, and Impunity in Transitional Aseana € ™. The meeting was held at the Chulalongkorn University.

A political scientist said that the protest is destructive and violent can be â € ~ as we have seen around the globe as well as hereâ € ™. Well, you have to be a scientist to be able to be able to think of. The deployment of riot police rather than the army, as in 2010, will hopefully other results, he argued, with no or less violence. â € ™, just so you know.

Economic news

– Farmers who submit their paddy for rice mortgage system, get paid back, since November 14 says Secretary Tanusak Lek-Uthai (Finance «n). If that is true [about the system are many lies sold or information withheld by the government] is good news for farmers, who have been waiting since early October on their money. They had a total of 2 million tons of rice handed, but all that time had to wait for their money because the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives have insufficient cash disposal.


Tanusak is 82 billion baht available. That money comes from a heading in the budget for 2014. [Thai financial year runs from October 1 to October 1.] Tanusak expected this year to 24 billion baht to sell rice. The Public Debt Management Office recently announced bonds worth 140 billion to spend to save.’s Mortgage system

The government target is that the system should not cost more. than 500 billion baht That amount exceeded 180 billion baht. The money has to come back from the sale of the purchased rice. But there’s the rub, because that only moderately successful, both foreign and domestic. Farmers received (in principle) 15,000 baht a tonne of white rice and 20,000 baht a tonne of Hom Mali, ZOA € ™ s prices are 40 percent above the market price.

– Thailandâ € ™ s car production does not reach this year’s target of 2.55 million vehicles, said the auto industry club of the Federation of Thai Industries. After 10 months, the state at 2.115 million cars, is 7.07 percent on an annual basis. For the remaining two months is a production of 390 686 cars expected. The lower sales relate to the domestic market, the export target of 1.15 million cars will probably be removed


For next year, the target is increased slightly to a number between 2.55 and 2.6 million vehicles. The club expects the unfavorable political situation and delays in government projects will have. Downward pressure on the automotive industry â € ~ The political situation does not only affect consumers’ decisions, but also on the confidence of autofabrikantenâ € ™, says President Suparat Sirisuwannagkura.

From 28 November to 10 December, the Thailand International Motor Expo at Impact Muang Thong Thani held.

– The business community wants to â € ~ € ™ desperatelyâ an end as soon as possible is the political tensions â € ~ the sake of Landa € ™. This said Vichai Assarasakorn, vice chairman of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, yesterday at the annual meeting of the TTC, which was held. Trang this time Vichai called â € ~ Respected senior figuresâ € ™ acceptance of such which are to act as mediator. Both parties â € ~ When the situation gets out of hand, the already weak economy aangetast.â € ™

Vichai said to worry about both domestic and international perspectives, and he urged the public and private sector to strengthen their competitiveness. Find new markets, such as ASEAN, replacing traditional export markets like the U.S. and Europe, he called on business. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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