News from Thailand – November 27, 2013

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News from Thailand – November 27, 2013

Yingluck during censure debate Nov 26 News from Thailand November 27, 2013

Violence is inevitable possible. Suthep has created the conditions for a â € ~ non-democratic interventionâ € ™ [military coup?] To solve. Political conflicts This says minister Chaturon Chaisaeng (Education) following the occupation of government buildings by anti-government groups.

These occupations have, according to him the promise of a non-violent protest violated, but â € ~ a large number of people still support the protestleidersâ € ™. â € ~ The protest leaders have succeeded consolideren.â € ™

the anti-government sentiment of the population

Chaturon says Sutheps refusal to let off the protest even when Prime Minister Yingluck resigns or dissolve the House of Representatives, each solution through democratic means in the way. â € ~ What he demands is more than what the government can doen.â within the limits of the constitution € ™ [The term â € ~ what he Eista € ™ is not further explained.]

Suthep Thaugsuban is the man who rallied the Democrats leading on Ratchadamnoen Avenue. On Monday, he occupied the Ministry of Finance «n. He has called to occupy. Ministries and State Houses Suthep was Deputy Prime Minister in the (previous) government Abhisit. He has given his parliamentary seat to have the protests. Hands free He is subject to an arrest warrant.

â € ~ Occupation of a rich property is a misdrijfâ € ™ says Paradorn Pattanatabut, General Secretary of the National Security Council. He blames his Suthep action of civil disobedience have Ough too far. Initially rallyâ were € ™ s in a sense justified [as a protest against the controversial “le amnesty proposal], they were peaceful and were within the limits of the law. The government was at a disadvantage, but now the government has the â € ~ upper Handa € ™.


Paradorn many people will retire. But Sathit Wongnongtoey, one of the leaders in action Ratchadamnoen not believe that. â € ~ The protesters continue to take over regeringsgebouwen.â € ™


– The U.S. and the UK have each yesterday in a statement urged to resolve protests in a peaceful manner. Washington asked the protesters to show, now they storm ministries.


U.S. are worried about the increasing political tensions, says a spokesman for the State Department. â € ~ Violence and occupying public or private property are not acceptable ways to solve. Political differences The best way is peaceful dialogue that democracy and the rule versterkt.â € ™ The UK and the European Union showed itself in a similar manner.

Three Some

«-two countries have now issued a travel advisory for Thailand. Two of these countries advise their citizens even postpone their journey if it is not strictly necessary. The other recommendations include the warning to avoid.

the rally locations

Representatives from 56 countries and six international organizations were briefed yesterday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the current situation. Explains why Monday was the emergency legislation, which for three districts in Bangkok was in force, to the entire city and two adjoining districts is extensive.

– Prime Minister Yingluck wonders what the army will do if the protests escalate. This says a source close to the â € ~ € ™ Premiera, the newspaper said. â € ~ Eventually soldiers opt for the nation. The army does not take sides, but it might have something to do when confronted with a dangerous pressure or situatie.â € ™

is remarkable, at least according to the newspaper, that the army has a temporary headquarters at the First Infantry Regiment (Royal Guard) Vibhavadi Rangsit Road to the furnishings, when protesters to the army base at the Ratchadamnoen Avenue demonstrated. Although she left later, his army commander Prayuth Chan-ocha and his staff did not return. The move plus the involvement of the military in previous coups feeding speculation about what the military is planning.

Army Spokesman Thanatip Sawangsaeng denied yesterday that the move has a hidden meaning. Commander and city return once the situation there is normal. Officers working on Ratchadamnoen Avenue, to go through the back inside because of protesters blocking the Dharma Army front.

The Government does not intend to scare. protesters at the Ministry of Finance «n and Budget Office â € ~ Let them go. We’ll wait until they had enough krijgenâ € ™, â € ~ says a security Sourcea € ™. The army has already announced that it will not intervene.

– An then there was yesterday’s censure debate in the House of Representatives, a kind of interpellation, requested by opposition Democrats. Party leader Abhisit asked Prime Minister Yingluck to take, so that the voltage is reduced.

a political decision after the debate [which ends today]

â € ™ The demonstrators suffered a crisis of confidence. Many people have in recent weeks held a rally because they can not accept that the Prime Minister for the interests of its own and those of her friends werkt.â € ™

Premier Yingluck (pictured) took the criticism from the opposition â € ~ € ™ unfairâ, given the performance of the government in the past two years. Not much else to quote from the debate, because everything that was said, has already been said.

– Between June 1990 and the end of September this year in the province of Kanchanaburi 1,267 people deceased from AIDS. After that 87 percent were infected through sexual intercourse. Six thousand people are currently HIV positive. Most are between 30 and 34 years. The number of HIV-positive individuals younger than 25 years is increasing.

The provincial health department is preparing a campaign that aims to the number of HIV infections bring. to zero According Narinrat Phitchayakhamin that goal can be achieved through better education and prevention. Physicians should encourage people to get tested, so they can be treated in a timely manner and to avoid HIV infected mothers infecting their babies.


– In a collision between a school bus and a bus carrying workers in Muang (Lop Buri) yesterday forty people were injured. EA © apprentice is in a bad way, she has broken ribs. The accident happened when the company bus made a U-turn. The school bus slammed into the middle of the bus.

– We want no waterway between Ban Bang Sai and Bang (Ayutthaya) residents of Ban Bang know posters. The construction of the waterway is part of the projects for which the government has allocated EUR 350 billion. When the canal was built, forty families must neighborhoods. About the project already has a hearing took place, but according to a local protest leader arrived there only proponents of the word.

– The City of Bangkok, the protesters on Ratchadamnoen Avenue asked their own messes. The road is now cleaned by street vegetables fresh from the city. Especially Sunday showed protesters a huge amount of waste behind. Monday was 155 tons collected against 147 on average on other days. The municipality has 500 bins placed on the avenue.

– A father and his son of 16 years came to life in Klaeng (Rayong) when their pickup truck collided with a tree. The man probably lost control of the car because the road after a heavy downpour had become. Slippery As a result, the car skidded.

– Rural Doctors yesterday protested at the beginning of the street where Prime Minister Yingluck lives against the P4P new payroll system. They demanded the resignation of the Minister of Health. The rural doctors oppose halving their discomfort charge and introducing a reward based on performance (P4P: pay-for-performance).

Economic news

– The good news is that so far no flights or hotel bookings are canceled by tourists Bangkok or other tourist destinations to visit. But when the political conflicts in the first quarter of next year to continue, indeed expects the tourism sector cancellations.

Association of Thailand Travel Agency will therefore call for an early peaceful end to the problems. Nineteen countries have issued a travel advisory. They advise to avoid.

their citizens protest sites

Bangkok Countdown 2014 at CentralWorld goes as planned, says the Ratchaprasong Square Trade Association. The visit to the area is slightly less than normal, but the companies expect this will be.


Premier Yingluck said that the occupation of the Ministry of Finance «n may harm investor confidence and undermine tourism.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand expects no negative impact on tourism, if the situation remains peaceful. Cancellations are not reported by the foreign offices of the TAT, but the offices in Europe have yet to submit their periodic report.

When the situation reaches Level 5 (countries avis you not to travel to Thailand), the number of visitors this year by 8 to 10 percent may drop to 25.75 million and sales fell by 25 billion baht.

– The SET index dropped by 0.46 percent Monday and closed at 1352.86 points, after earlier in the day at 1345.02 to have stood. There was traded to shares for a meager 32.18 billion baht. Foreign investors remained net buyers and brokers extracted 362.97 million baht to the market.

Porranee Thongyen, research manager at Asia Plus Securities, expects the political tension, both inside and outside parliament, this week increases. Tuesday began a parliament called censure debate . It concludes today with the vote on Thursday. Opposition Party Democrats will file a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Yingluck and the Minister of the Interior.

– Payments to farmers since early October have handed in their paddy and have seen a cent are in jeopardy. The Ministry of Finance «n may not be able to achieve. A bond issue of 75 billion baht Fund managers are not keen to stabbing in a system (the rice mortgage system) that is not â € ™ transparantâ € ™ is their money [read: plagued by corruption]


The Bank for Agriculture and Agricutural Cooperatives (BAAC), the system for funding, the money badly because she does not have sufficient cash. If the Ministry fails to sell the bonds, it would be the first time that the Department has remained in repaying his debt to the BAAC default. Farmers have threatened to join the anti-government protests.

itself to

Chajchai Sarit-apirak, first senior vice president of Kasikorn Asset Management, which manages the BAAC bonds, fears that the bonds are not sold, because it involves a large amount. â € ~ If the government wants to sell all of them, they should bieden.â high dispersion € ™ [?]

The Ministry of Finance «n said last week that it will borrow from banks or allow the banks to bid on unsold portions of the obiligatiepakket disappointing when the interest of institutions. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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