News from Thailand – November 30, 2013

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News from Thailand – November 30, 2013


Children's Home for Girls Rajavithi visiting the Ministry News Thailand November 30, 2013

© EA a picture is worth a thousand words, says a famous phrase, but a Photo € ™ s can lie, even if they are not equal Photoshops. Take this picture of children’s Rajavithi Home for Girls, a visit to the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.

What do those kids there? They are exploited as human shields against the demonstrators who currently besieging the ministry? Of course, the social media after publication of the photographs were full of indignant reactions, because someone will even bother to find out what the situation is in the stem.


What was the case? The students made a trip to the Ministry, which had been planned long before. The group in the picture was told what the ministry is doing, a group that was elsewhere in the building, took part in activities [?]. So nothing special, just an educational school trip. So that rumors come into the world.


Wallop Tankananurak, Secretary-General of the Children Creation Foundation, the picture with adverse comment would have spread, is worried about children being taken to rallyâ € ™ s. They have been identified both on Ratchadamnoen Avenue in the anti-government rally at Rajamangala Stadium, where the red shirts are perched.

â € ~ Protest sites are not places for kinderenâ € ™ he says. â € ~ As someone who works for children, I’m not happy about it. I tell everyone that they should tell their children not to take, not until they grew up and their own decisions nemen.â € ™


Sappasit Khumparan, director of the Centre for the Protection of childrenâ € ™ s Rights Foundation, also will not hear children under 15 at home rally fields. Also because there are quite crude language uses. Speakers â € ~ That’s the way they hold the crowd. Young children do not understand that. They are not large enough to form what they horen.â € ™

their own judgment

– Action Leader Suthep Thaugsuban should be to seek a way out of the political crisis open to dialogue says Sunai Phasuk, senior researcher for Human Rights Watch in Thailand. That is the only practical way to avoid the current tensions escalate into violence. Sunai sees the clashes between red shirts and protesters in Pathum Thani and Maha Sarakham Thursday as a sign that the situation could escalate.


Sunai said this yesterday at a forum organized by the Foreign Correspondentsâ € ™ Club of Thailand. About the incident in which a German journalist was attacked, he noted that this is not a satellite TV channel BlueSky, a spokeswoman of the opposition party Democrats, can be resent. It did no more than beat the incident. He further said to be consistent with the events at TV channel 3. Unhappy Protesters demanded that the famous news anchor Sorayuth Suthasanajinda a whistle blew as a sign of acceptance of the protests.

– ZOA € ™ s two thousand demonstrators besieged yesterday in the Chanthaburi Province House. They were joined by high school students. Some fainted and there was some pushing and shoving as they tried to break through. A police cordon An hour later, a group of red shirts marched to the State House. The police directed them to a different room so that skirmishes failed to materialize.

Rayong protesters broke the gate of the County Hall. The guard did not play and the protesters then left again.

other incidents (Samut Prakan, Pathum Thani and Maha Sarakham) have been reported in previous Breaking News items.

– The well-known group of forty (critical) senators urges Prime Minister Yingluck on to the House of Representatives to dissolve or resign. And they call pulling â € the Shinawatra clan on her hands from politics ~ the sake of peace in the Landa € ™.

â € ~ Ms Yingluck should realize that her older brother is responsible for the political crisis, which has put the country ten years off balance as he continues to influence uitoefenenâ € ™, through his family says Surachai Liangboonertchai second Senate President and à © partement of forty. â € ~ Thaksin Yingluck used as a puppet Premiera € ™, which explains the anger of the people against the so-called â € ~ Thaksin regimeâ € ™.

â € ~ The Prime Minister and her family members have to spend for the sake of â € ™ sacrifice the country’s interests and peace in society, although they can be painful. them They have to promise that they directly or indirectly with the political will bemoeien.â € ™


– Japan, France and Cambodia are worried about the political situation in Thailand, said a statement from those countries. So far eight countries and two international organizations issued statements with a similar message. They are calling for negotiations to normalize.

the situation

Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul (Foreign Affairs) has all the embassies and representatives of international organizations invited to a briefing on Monday. Yesterday, the British ambassador talks with Yingluck.

– The car of brother Samdin Lertbut protest leader, foreman of the Dhamma Army, was fired Thursday. The car was parked in front of the house of Samdinâ € ™ s mother. Shortly before the fire broke out, witnesses at the house heard the sound of a motorcycle.

– A 26-year-old man, who his parents (61 and 56) had slain, was arrested yesterday at his home in Don Muang (Bangkok). He had their bodies hidden in the family home in Muang (Kamphaeng Phet). The couple must be because the bodies were in an advanced state of decomposition, when police found them.

slain, days ago

According to police, the suspect is known. He claimed to have shot dead because she scolded him regularly his parents. His father would have threatened him. Agrees with a gun

– A hearing on the construction of a waterway in Kanchanaburi yesterday demolished by the governor, after protesters were clashed with a cordon of two hundred riot police led by two Democratic legislators and the organizers had fled </. p>

After mediation by the governor were few in the room where the hearing was held there and explain their objections. [Whether the organization had already left, does not mention the message] The parliamentarians «rs argued that the government no longer has jurisdiction because she has rejected. Judgment of the Constitutional Court (in case the Senate) Therefore the waterway project should be repealed. The construction is part of the waterworks which the government an amount of 350 billion baht has allocated. In 36 counties there are hearings held on.

– Six construction workers were killed and three others were injured when a three-storey building, under construction on a hillside in Chiang Mai, collapsed Thursday night. The bodies were recovered yesterday.

– The Attorney General bends over ask the Constitutional Court to ask to assess whether the anti-government movement Suthep Thaugsuban is contrary to Article 68 of the Constitution. This article prohibits attempts to throw down the monarchy and attempts by the Constitution to take power. Contrary The newspaper does not mention who these requests did. The Court would also have to recommend the demonstrators government buildings, they keep busy, to evacuate.

– The South Bangkok Criminal Court has been unable to determine who is responsible for the deaths of three red shirts on May 19, 2010 at Lumpini park. Two were shot in the park and the statue of King Rama VI, just outside the park. In the park and at the police station Lumpini were soldiers on guard, but the court does not know whether they have shot.

– The public should not panic when they see next week’s troop movements, because his troops on the way to Hua Hin in connection with the anniversary of the king on December 5


– Starting tomorrow the trains back undisturbed to Chiang Mai. The track work, which began in September, have now (with delay) influenced «terminated. Three hundred kilometers was taken in hand to avoid derailing trains there.

– parliament Thursday went on recess, meets from 21 December. [Previous posts scurried about next year.]

Economic news

– Until 10 December in exhibition complex Impact Muang Thong Thani, the 30th Thailand International Motor Expo held. Organizer Inter-Media Consultant Co. expects impressive sales, although buyers first car could make an arrangement for tax refunds.

less than last year when use

President Kwanchai Paphatphong lists a number of 50,000 vehicles worth 50 billion baht. He does not think that the expo has burden of anti-government demonstrations whilst they continue peacefully. The complex is located near the government complex at Chaeng Wattana Road, where protesters have settled down.

The concept of this year’s Innovative Energies-World-Changing Vehicles, focusing on climate change and energierisicoâ € ™ s. Five car manufacturers present their innovative vehicles. A total of 38 car and motorcycle brands display their vehicles at 85,000 square meters.

Last year the expo 1.65 million visitors, 25.6 percent more than the year before. There were 85,904 orders placed at a cost of 76 billion baht was involved. 2011 was a bad year because of the floods. When 27,021 orders were placed.

– Siam Commercial Bank has raised its forecast for export growth this year reduced from 1.5 to 0.5 percent, half a percent more than the forecast of the National Economic and Social Developement that growth is reset to earlier 5 percent . The first ten months of this year, exports shrank by 0.02 percent year on year. The remaining two months are expected to see give 0.5 percent.

a small growth

Economic Intelligence Center of SCB is optimistic about the economic recovery in the U.S. and China, which exports could strengthen in December. This benefits mainly the computer and electronic components industry.

– Thai AirAsia and Nok Air will in the coming months on their handsets to make broadband available in addition to their â € ~ otherwise meager in-flight servicesa € ™, as the newspaper writes. TAA has its fleet of Airbus 320 aircraft already equipped with Wi-Fi and is in talks with two providers to activate the service. Broadband isolated inducted next year.

use WiFi to pay extra passengers, according to a source would be 100 baht during a domestic flight costs. An industry source who wonders whether there is free on short flights, like an hour between Bangkok and Chiang Mai, but there is interest for the use of WiFi, unless. On longer flights will certainly demand, he thinks. WiFi is available in three thousand units worldwide. It is expected that this number rises to 15,000 in 2012. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

Photo homepage: Earbuds for sale ad 10 baht, which is essential to prevent hearing damage when the catcalls


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