News from Thailand – November 7, 2012

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News from Thailand – November 7, 2012

news 200x200 News from Thailand November 7, 2012 The planned assassination of former Prime Minister Thaksin has made possible for him to give a credible excuse not to visit Tachilek, say â € ~ intelligence analystsâ € ™, such as Bangkok Post this mysterious sources calls.

Thaksin would never have intended the border town in Myanmar to visit. Because there is an arrest warrant against him, would that pressure on the government Yingluck have increased. By the threat of death to fabricate, Thaksin has a credible excuse to cancel his visit to thousands of red shirts, who had wanted to look for to offend.

The former prime minister is now à © à , © a day to Myanmar and be on Thursday for a meeting with President Thein Sein in Nay Pyi Taw. The expiry visit to Tachilek was scheduled for Friday and Saturday. See also the reports in News from Thailand on 6 November.

– Four members of a drug gang of six, in October last year, 13 Chinese sailors on the Mekong killed, by the court in China to the sentenced to death. Index Page © my husband received a suspended death sentence and à © à © n was given a prison sentence of 8 years. The gang that operated out of Shan in Myanmar, was led by Naw Khwam. Kham was arrested in April and through Laos to China expelled.

– The specially built Futsal World Cup stadium in Nong Chok (Bangkok) allowed the Fifa not be put into operation. The safety of the public, players and other visitors is not guaranteed and not all facilities are in good condition. The municipality Bangkok had hoped that the stadium from the quarter-finals could have been used.

Sukhumbhand Paribatra Governor of Bangkok’s decision sorry for all the people who have worked hard in recent months to the stadium in time to get ready . He gives a press conference today in which he gives a detailed explanation of the decision of FIFA. Vice-Governor Taya Teepsusuwan says the stadium probably will serve as youth sports stadium, where national sporting events are held.

quarterfinal is now played in Nimibutr Gymnasium, the semi-finals and finals in the Hua Mark Indoor Stadium , both in Bangkok. Tickets already purchased for the stadium, giving access to these locations.

– Weather ZOA € ™ s nice daydream Minister Boon Song Teriyapirom (Trade)? The government is trying to close a deal with China from 2013-2015 to 5,000,000 tons of rice to sell, he says. That intention was in December in a Memorandum of Understanding be recorded. According to a source at the Ministry of Commerce on the deal no private companies from China or Thailand involved.

Rice Exporters are skeptical, because China imports averaged 500 thousand to 1 million tons of rice per year from various countries, including Thailand. Well said Chookiat Ophaswongse, honorary president of the Thai Rice Exporters Association, this year that China imports because the south of the country is hit by a severe drought. He expects that 2.5 to 3 million tonnes isolated imported. About the delivery of 1.5 million tonnes by Vietnam has been agreed and also from Pakistan buys Chinese rice.

Minister Boon Song claimed earlier that Thailand has signed contracts with four countries for the supply of rice, but the rice exporters believe that the minister was bluffing. The Minister’s Ministry and are under great pressure to the part of the mortgage system was bought rice to sell. Before the government to the farmers paid a price that ZOA € ™ s 40 percent above the market price. Until now there is hardly anything sold.

China â € ™ s largest rice producer with last year a production of 141 million tonnes (husked) rice. The FAO expects China this year increased production. World production is estimated at 724.5 million tonnes (483.1 million tons peeled). Previously expected FAO 732,300,000 tons (488.2 million tons peeled).

– The Senate yesterday approved two bills on first reading against money laundering and terrorism. The bills have been given the green light from the House of Representatives. Is urgent Thailand will be deleted from the so-called Tier 2 Watch List of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). This list contains the names of countries that do little against money laundering and terrorism. When Thailand to the Tier 3 list drops, follow trade sanctions.

Senator Khamnoon Sithisamarn find that a foreign organization [read: the FATF] interfering with the internal affairs of Thailand. He has criticized the pressure on the deliberations state. â € ~ The economy of Thailand is gegijzeld.â € ™

The industry now holds his breath. The Federation of Thai Industries hopes that the laws be timely published in the Royal Gazette, because early next year deflects the FATF itself on revision of the list.

– After seven years discuss Myanmar and Thailand again on border issues. The last time this happened was in November 2005. Today and tomorrow meet the Thai-Myanmar Joint Boundary Committee in Nay Pyi Taw (Myanmar). Concrete agreements will probably not be made. First the ice broken. â € ™ After we have built good relationships, we can next time on border issues discussià «Rena € ™ says Vasin Teeravechyan, head of the Thai delegation. Then in Thailand meet.

Important topics are improving now temporary crossing Ban Nam Pu Ron in Kanchanaburi, repair of border posts along the rivers Sai and Ruak in the districts of Chiang Saen and Mae Sai (Chiang Rai ), construction of embankments along the rivers and upgrading the temporary border post Sing Korn in the province of Prachuap Khiri Khan.

– Two defectors, who have been involved in attacks in the south, having the provincial court Na Thawi (Songkhla) received no jail time, but must follow a training of 6 months. The Internal Security Act of 2008 provides that opportunity.

The commander of the Fourth Army Corps gives the court a feather, because he hopes that this decision other potential «le defectors will persuade the authorities to give. Index Page © n has already announced that, after he heard the verdict. Twenty others would consider that.

– Very successful measures against smoking yet. Between 2009 and last year, the percentage of smokers increased from 20.7 to 21.36 percent, according to figures from the Tobacco Control Research and Knowledge Management Centre. In the age group 15-18 years, the percentage of 7.62 to 9.21 percent.

Thailand Health Promotion Institute urges the Government to the stricter anti-tobacco rules (the WHO) which in April to Article 5.3 of the existing legislation have been added, to apply. The 4 year old Article 5.3 regulates the relationship between government, interest groups and the tobacco industry; increase in tobacco excise and a ban on the sale of tobacco products over the internet. According to the institute still lacking of proper control.

– The army is somewhat embarrassed by a document bearing the stamp â € ~ € ™ vertrouwelijkâ owned by a seller of meatballs is rightly come. He had a paper bag made, the customer that it went home, put the document on the Internet. According to the army, there was little confidence in the information, the document contains general information about the plans of the military in the coming years.

– A 28-year post-graduate student in her home in Muang ( Chiang Mai) raped and strangled. She was naked, with his hands tied on the back, found in her living room. The house was ransacked.

– ZOA € ™ s one hundred students from the E-Sarn University, the Minister of Education asked the university for another three months to keep open. The Office of the Higher Education Commission has ordered closure, because it appears that the university diplomaâ € ™ s students has been sold. The closure was in late October.

The closure affects 8,000 students, including those who have their bachelor’s or master’s degree, if any, but no degree received. The three months, according to the students, who have pulled the bell, diplomaâ € ™ s needed to reach out to students who are entitled.

– It houses government plan will be extended by six months because only 8,701 applications totaling 5.3 billion baht have been approved, while the target is 20 billion baht. Buyers of a first home through this scheme have the right to an interest-free mortgage during the first 3 years. Applicants have also complained that many housing projects are not finished in time to be eligible for the scheme. The Government Housing Bank which mortgages, thinking that at the end of the extension of the target will be met. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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