News from Thailand

27th of November 2011 0

News from Thailand

The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority, the municipal public transport, bus services resumed on Phahon Yothinweg and Vibhavadi-Rangsitweg, both the ordinary and air-conditioned buses 29, 26 , 555, 510 and 26.

– A Nigerian man was Thursday in a raid by police in his apartment at On Nut (Bangkok) was arrested. He was in possession of 1.5 kilos of cocaine worth three million baht. His arrest followed the arrest of two other Nigerians in a restaurant, who were in possession of marijuana. The Nigerian had been living two years in Thailand without a valid visa. He said the involvement of Bolivian coke.

– The first mobile cabinet meeting takes place next month in Khon Kaen. Khon Kaen has been affected by floods, but the problems have been overcome. The government is the system of dikes that might look a model for other provinces. – A former governor of Nong Khai does not have three years in jail thanks to an appeal in a corruption case in 1998. The man, now 71, got the benefit of the doubt by the Supreme Court. He would have asked a subordinate to 2.4 million baht in exchange for promotion. Another accused in this case a half years in prison. – The Flood Relief Operations Command, the crisis center of government, collect sandbags in places where they are no longer needed so they can be used elsewhere .

– The Ministry of Agriculture asked the government to 9 billion baht to help farmers duped. The amount is earmarked for farmers in the South in May were affected by landslides and for farmers affected by the floods. More than 1 million farmers this year have suffered damage. Farmers who are registered with Agricultural offices are eligible for compensation. The height is determined by committees at village, district and provincial levels. The compensation for destroyed rice fields exceed 2,222 baht per rai for May 1 rai and half above.

– The Army is delighted. According to a poll by Bangkok University among 1,087 respondents, 98.3 percent satisfied with the role of the soldiers during the floods. The Prime Minister scored 67.7 percent, 64.3 percent and local politicians Froc 51.8 percent. A large majority of respondents (72.6 percent) writes the flooding to the excessive rainfall and 58 percent sees the crisis as the result of mismanagement by the authorities, 55.6 percent believe that the irrigation system of the country cope with a major natural disaster. The poll is a major boost for the military. In particular, the army leadership is Pheu Thai ruling party distrusted because of its role during the military coup in 2006 and the red shirt riots last year. An amendment is planned to the Secretary of Defense greater influence on the appointments it.

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