Nothing cozier than a Thai funeral

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Nothing cozier than a Thai funeral

deceased wife 300x168 nothing cozier than a Thai funeral On my 50th birthday, when I was chairman of the tennis Koewacht , I was offered a birthday that I will never forget. Includes a blotetettendanseres dressed as Belgian police officer.

One of the partygoers had a couple of Twente and watched his eyes. Reported later that their family burial in Koewacht is cozier than a birthday in Twente.

Yet they are wrong, because the most pleasant is a funeral here in Isaan. Similarly yesterday when a 79-year-old woman died of a cardiac arrest. At that age you can not complain, of course, and certainly not if you’re going to heaven without illness.

Where the crate should be?

The Undertaker came to ask us where the old woman had died because he had a coffin with him and one on chest with cooling.

Kanok, my friend, was one of the first money transfer and remained hanging there to help with the preparation of large quantities of food for the guests who would show up. The deceased had some family in town or just out there, so wait for the cremation, we do not.


I’m also going to look natural, because the neighbor is always nice when a white person is present. Meanwhile, there was also a traveling jukebox show up and after having propagated an hour sad music came easily more popular songs.

Children were coins of 1 and 2 baht packing with colored silver paper. Sometimes there were more than one or two coins in the container and occasionally there was even a number on the inside of the paper wrote. Probably for the raffle. I understand that coins are thrown into the audience at the time the box is inserted to draw attention to distract, fire but I could be wrong.

You just have to like to eat

Do I joined the men who were drinking a little further and laugh, because a sad affair was not. Also have a bottle of â € ~ € ™ warm kauwâ bought for the men and for myself a bottle of beer, of course, because Thai whiskey is not for me.

farang is obviously a pushover when it comes to Thai or Isaanse language. They taught me â € ~ tough leeauwâ € ™ which would mean death. Tino, this is true


fruit hanging from the tree under which we were to take us to hide from the sun, a bit they called â € ~ € ™ Hama and that means as far as I know penis. A man grabbed a jar and screwed the lid and let me smell the contents.

surrender was near me, because it was fermented shrimp paste. He plucked two leaves hamboom and rubbed some of this paste and began to chew on here. You should find it tasty.

After a couple of bottle of whiskey and a bottle of beer became more and more laughter, even the other guests trickled in with an envelope and 1 kilo bags of rice to contribute to the inner man.

Previously I could not stand funerals

Yet it was not as serious as the four monks came and brought their prayers implemented. There I noticed something that I had never seen before. The youngest monk (in service) had his hands in a wai, but at an angle of 0 degrees. The second in 30 degrees and 45 degrees in the two elders. After some ado was made this happen, and left the monks to their shelters.

cremator 168x300 nothing cozier than a Thai funeral The party then went back as usual, but I’m quietly between chirp and the next day I have not visited the festival grounds, though I could hear the rolling jukebox good rumble.

The woman will be cremated, as usual, but whether they do here in the village or in the neighboring village is not yet known. Here in the village we do not have a crematorium and the coffin directly at the stake. The other village has a crematorium. The family will make it, I guess.

Previously I could not stand funerals, because after the coffee was always laugh, scream, and I was never good at. But now I have been living in Thailand for several years, it is always better to get used to. Like it, how the Thais cope with the death of their loved ones. Chapeau!

an omelette without breaking eggs

Kanok My girlfriend did not prefer that I went along to the cremation, so I just stayed home. The gates to the fence of the flowerbeds some white paint.

At half past seven I was still a second look, just rely on the music. Women were making mince to say in the way it was originally done. With a cleaver. Fifteen minutes heels on a piece of meat and not squeeze into a meat grinder.

Dogs ran as hyenaâ € ™ s to the table, because an omelette without breaking eggs. People ate, ate and ate again. Lot and very sharp, real Isaan food and not for Gerrie. Who often painted once more to a bottle of beer and Leo bought for the ladies who sat around him, a bottle of Hong Tong. The 200 baht I had been given was right on.

The ladies who took care of the food, also cleaned up and washed away. The specifications and the signs came from the Municipal House, you know, ZOA € ™ s building, what is the name, but it is not allowed.

gokspel1 300x168 nothing cozier than a Thai funeral When everything was cleared and many a dog on the table was, began to gamble. Children with cards, coins and sounding with the elderly with big money. This is the default Isaan during a funeral party. Police shut one eye, although they are also here in the evenings never signaled. It struck me that the people who have to work, at a cost of 300 baht per day, here are hard anyway turned a few thousand.

Ben biked home as yet taken a nightcap, football looked at BVN and a nap will do.

The next morning

The next morning began traveling jukebox again at 06.00. Fortunately, the last day and all visitors go back home and can enjoy it. Undersigned again his well-earned rest

communication Submitted

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