Nude dancing ladyboys on YouTube apologize to (video)

28th of May 2013 0

Nude dancing ladyboys on YouTube apologize to (video)

This past weekend there again fuss on social media on a YouTube video. This time of two naked ladyboys dancing to the music ‘Splash Out’, a superhit in Thailand 3.2.1 and Baitoei R-Siam.

The movie titled “Man Naen Ok Loey Tong Thod ‘, spread rapidly via YouTube and Facebook. This led to a public outcry, especially within the transgender community was disapproving response to the behavior of the two ladyboys


two â € ~ € ™ dadersâ today publicly apologized with a second video on YouTube. They said they were spontaneously drink and had recorded the video and spread.

under the influence

Reputation Ladyboys

Many ladyboys found the behavior reprehensible and believe that the two by their actions harm the reputation of other ladyboys.

According to the popular Thai website Sanook , the two can be arrested for creating and publishing online pornography. Police have been removed. Several duplicates of the original film of the Internet The perpetrators will be interrogated by the police.

Video apologies

In the video below the two ladyboys formal apology:

Click here to view.

the embedded video

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