Only 2 percent sought tourist visas in Bangkok refused (2)

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Only 2 percent sought tourist visas in Bangkok refused (2)

 Only 2 percent Jitze bunching sought tourist visas in Bangkok refused (2)

Jitze Bosma (photo Hans Bos)

the consular post in Bangkok in 2010, traded up to 7997 on visa applications.

7011 Schengen visas were issued, of which 2134 for business purposes and 6055 for family / tourist visits. In 956 cases involved an MVV, a temporary residence permit, which 42 percent submitting the application for residence with a partner and 6 percent for a study in the Netherlands. In 14 percent of the cases were resettled refugees (including Burmese), often called the “hopeless cases”. The Embassy also facilitates the integration based exams. In 2009 there were 606 in 2010 was about 573 examinees.

Jitze Bosma and Jeannette Verkerk at the embassy in Bangkok is responsible for consular affairs. The planned cuts in foreign affairs also affect the number of people at the embassy. With fewer, better, there is in fact down. In 2010, an average of two per cent of visa applications rejected, with occasional peaks such as a pseudo-group of monks from Bangladesh himself or herself for a Schengen visa or a number of people from countries like Cameroon. They assume that the Netherlands is easier when issuing visas. A Schengen visa must be obtained from the Schengen country where you stay the longest. Schengen visas (including written) only at the embassy in Bangkok will be requested.

Income for issuing Schengen visas


requirement remains the income test if the applicant is not a income. The guarantor must be at least a monthly income of 1435 euros gross, excluding holiday, also known as SV income “mentioned. There must also be a sustainable and regular income, such as an employment contract for at least 12 months validity. When it comes to an applicant who has never traveled and no economic and social ties with the country of origin, more questions are asked and more documents are requested.

Verkerk (visa section chief). “Due to the large group of Dutch expatriates in Thailand is one of the most consular posts outside Europe. For bona fide applicants we customer-focused work. It also relieves our work at the desk. “To that core group of bona fide applicants are also members of the NTCC, the Dutch-Thai Chamber of commerce). Through their corporate membership and they get their relations almost automatically a visa for the Netherlands. Representatives of the Thai SMEs, four afternoons a week at the desk in Bangkok appear to speed up applications.

Psychological problems

Jitze Bosma (head of consular affairs) admits that not every application can be settled to everyone’s satisfaction. How could it be otherwise with the 8000 addition to another visa legalization 7000, 1425 and 1500 statements consular applications for a Dutch passport. Bosma: “We also help the Dutch in trouble, often psychological in nature and in Dutch prisons in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Burma. This involves eight compatriots. Last year, 85 Dutch in Thailand are also deceased. It is expected that there will be more this year. “

A Schengen visa for the Netherlands, gives access to 24 Schengen countries. A “protocol” to ensure that all member countries more or less the same line. So get bona fide applicants since January of this year is automatically a multiple entry visa if they are for the third time in two years traveling to the Netherlands. They are limited to 90 days every six months in the Schengen country. It’s not clear to everyone. Verkerk Bosma and recommend all the text on the visa sticker to read. Applicants now have a standard tourist visa for 90 days or thirty. It is more efficient and reduce the workload of the embassy.

Thank You Letters

What about the complaints about the handling of visa applications in Thailand where we blog regularly read? Verkerk shows a thick binder of thank you letters only. Every year only about eight to twelve complaints on various consular matters. Negative incidents in the press (rightly or wrongly) have come under Verkerk have a major impact on the image of the consular service. 98 percent of applications are granted. That does not mean that visa holders can travel to the Netherlands without. Ultimately the Royal Military Police at Schiphol has the last word, or the immigration authorities of any of the other Schengen countries.

Satisfied Bosma and Verkerk are the new, outsourced system of appointments. This was necessary not only because 20 percent of those involved in the old system did not show up, but also because Thai tour operators ‘slots’ largely inpikten and resold. . “The customer now knows where they stand and where the application hang. That saves a lot of work. “For questions about visas on the various websites that are not listed, you can always mail to

The current regulations for issue of visas is available at: / and

On the website of the Immigration and Naturalization Service contains all information about sponsorship and / or private accommodation provision. /

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