Pattaya Beach Road Nightlife walking Freelancers looking for Customers at night

7th of March 2014 4

Pattaya Beach Road Nightlife walking Freelancers looking for Customers at night

Walking Pattaya Beach Road 2014 at Weekend Nightlife, walk from Pattaya Festival pas soi 7 and soi 8 up to walking street. Have manny freelancers looking for…

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4 great comment(s) for this post

  1. patrick linden 7:51 am 7/03 of 2014

    I arrive again 3 March, different girls from when I there last 2 months
    ago…Great Video not many tourists, that means girls really cheap!!

  2. doctorbear 8:30 am 7/03 of 2014

    I agree, I was there recently, and a lot of locals are freaked out by the
    protests. Usually high season, but not as many local girls out because of
    the danger. Tourists are also staying away until its safer. Go to the
    Philippines, its fine now..

  3. SanukSanuk118 8:38 am 7/03 of 2014

    Many freelancers have deserted the streets ..they hav egone back to their
    villages………no more the bustling sois anymore…walking street is also
    seeing less tourists etc., Vibrant nitelife is gone for now !

  4. SanukSanuk118 9:32 am 7/03 of 2014

    Not that exciting now ? pretty low visitors bcos of the BKK protests and
    also not really save to go even Pattaya…what’s is going to happen again
    when airport is being closed by protesters…major airlines already
    cancelling or cuuting down flights to BKK…its really shameful…for Land
    of Smile to be in this bad situation …Corruption again …ruins the lives
    of the people ?


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