Perhaps the biggest and best Thai restaurant in the Netherlands!

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Perhaps the biggest and best Thai restaurant in the Netherlands!

Sukanya Perhaps the biggest and best Thai restaurant in the Netherlands! Thai cuisine is enormously popular in recent years. Netherlands now has therefore ZOA € ™ s 200 Thai restaurants. Given the excellent reviews of Sukanya Thai Restaurant, the editors asked me to post this one and posting because I am of course happy to comply.

In this time of economic downturn it might also contribute as a source of inspiration for all enterprising Thai ladies and their male eegaâ € ™ s here in the Netherlands.


Thailand Bloggers will still undoubtedly remember that my wife Sukanya two years ago in my former office pawn of 50 m2 a Thai takeaway started. My wife, with whom I have been happily married for 10 years, as it were, between the pots and pans born.

As a young girl of 12, she collaborated with her brother in her aunt’s restaurant in Bangkok. Aunt Lee, a renowned cook top, known for her cooking several nominations from the Thai government has received, the then Thai cooking also raised with her.

I always told her if you want to work here in the Netherlands as a cook then do it for yourself. But start small first and go for quality and above all authentic Thai cooking. My office pawn shop, located in the mall of Animals, was there in terms of location ideal for. A relatively low rent â € “direct parking â €” and no other Thai restaurants within a radius of 10 km around.

tax I do not need much more than a desk, own a PC and a phone and I do not need to keep. shopping in an office per se Well, I’m obviously a romantic, my wife happy, I happy. The decision was quickly made.

The emphasis was first pick, but that changed over time. Customers gave more and more prefer to eat in the restaurant to eat, but with ZOA € ™ s floor area is small you very soon full and then it really is time to look at something. Bigger The choice to go for quality and authenticity has certainly contributed and that is reflected in the following:

Sukanya know as à © à © n of the few Thai restaurants in the Netherlands TRA-mark, an initiative of the Thai embassy to promote the authenticity of Thai cuisine here in the Netherlands and to ensure that the customer of it may be, he / she gets guaranteed authentic Thai food served and the food too is prepared by Thai chefs.

An entry in IENS-Toppers 2013 and an excellent rating from over 2075 restaurants in the province of Gelderland, where Sukanya in the top 10 best restaurants listed on a shared 3rd place ( / restaurant / Gelderland) and that is for ZOA € ™ s small restaurant in a village as Animals still very special.

We first had the intention to divert as Arnhem, Nijmegen and Apeldoorn. to a larger place A restaurant with ZOA € ™ s 35 to 40 seats and a terrace. However, after several have viewed restaurants we were nevertheless increasingly convinced that we were not going to move.

to another placeIndeed

It takes years before you have built up some brand recognition and an established customer base and that is no different. in a bigger place, with perhaps more competitive We believe that when you serve great food in a great atmosphere, the customers really are, even when they have to drive a bit.


ambiance we believe to have found open. restaurant in our new It is a great and unique property with beautiful stained-glass windows. The decor is chic, but also warm and cozy. The restaurant area has over 70 comfortable seats. It has a spacious kitchen and utility room adjoining storage room.

new home Sukanya Perhaps the biggest and best Thai restaurant in the Netherlands!

we also have a separate room that can accommodate about 50 people, with walnut cupboards and a fireplace. A nice side and rear patio with pond (about 120 seats). And finally, an apartment with private entrance, with two bathrooms and a whirlpool.

short, a perfect location, where we can accommodate both operations.


Given the size of the property the location is also perfect for weddings, parties, workshops, receptions, meetings and other festivities.

The grand opening will be in the first week of March. Unfortunately, the exact date is not yet known, because, according to Thai use remains to be determined.

Sukanya Thai Restaurant, our new home by March 1, 2014: 57 Wilhelminaweg to Animals (Gelderland)


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