Phi Phi Island, Maya Beach…Thai Paradise

26th of December 2012 15

Phi Phi Island, Maya Beach…Thai Paradise

Thailand Beach

Ko Phi Phi Leh Island, Thailand Paradise. Maya Beach, where the movie “The Beach” was filmed. Amazing sunset in the Indian Ocean. Music: Moby, Porcelain
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  1. Morbid Angel 8:23 am 26/12 of 2012

    Can’t wait to spend a week when i get there on 26th Dec!!! :)

  2. LadsTour 9:04 am 26/12 of 2012

    Just left phi phi!! amazing place, im doing a bit of travelling and making some videos on the way, would be good if u could check them out at some point :) thanks

  3. yurmovies 9:44 am 26/12 of 2012

    How was the trip??

  4. yurmovies 10:10 am 26/12 of 2012

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  5. joaquim261 10:33 am 26/12 of 2012

    the paradise is there, beautiful place !!!

  6. Karl Phillips 10:34 am 26/12 of 2012


  7. riofotos 10:59 am 26/12 of 2012

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  8. BrigIsBlack 11:53 am 26/12 of 2012

    I did this trip back in 09 and it was one of the best days off my life. Going back in September to do it again, So excited, really is paradise

  9. 123sunnyle 12:22 pm 26/12 of 2012

    This is so beautiful… *.*

    It’s really paradise!! You were so lucky that got a chance to see this!!

  10. Arturo52 1:01 pm 26/12 of 2012

    No, its a prime tourist destination like Phuket which are much more expensive than less visited areas in Thailand, take day trips from krabi or phuket to there but then visit many other scenic areas ofthailand on your trip.

  11. hensen97 1:57 pm 26/12 of 2012

    welcome to bali and raja ampat papua no less beautiful with phi island welcome

  12. myerisationable 2:50 pm 26/12 of 2012

    5 months til I’m here again.

  13. TheEnigmaticDeath 3:21 pm 26/12 of 2012

    Just 500$ enough

  14. Jose Jonini 4:13 pm 26/12 of 2012


  15. eliazourosqw 5:04 pm 26/12 of 2012

    for 3 weeks i would need 3,000$ , to be honest . Like today last year i was in PHI-PHI smoking GANJA on the sand and im a guy , i had a lot of vaginal activity in PHUCKET . I recommend for you if you are a guy to visit PATTAYA and BANGLA , in 1 day you can visit all the islands like PHI-PHI , MONKEY ISLANDS , JAMES BOND island , MAYA BAY ….. wonderful country , i had the best time of my life there .


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