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2nd of January 2014 22

Phuket – Thailand Travel Review

Phuket is the largest Thai island and it’s known for beautiful beaches. If you want more than simply surf and sun, this is also a good option. Phuket offers …

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22 great comment(s) for this post

  1. Taslima Zaman 8:23 am 2/01 of 2014

    Inani beach in Chittagong, Bangladesh is a secluded beach that is not only
    beautiful, peaceful and relaxing but the sutset is amazing!

  2. Snehith Vadlakonda 8:54 am 2/01 of 2014

    Kanyakumari in India has an amazing beach sunset. I have been there with my
    wife and we could just stare in the sky and enjoy the ocean breeze

  3. dichael bobet vega 9:28 am 2/01 of 2014

    i lived phuket for for eight years now i didnt find cliff diving,..what
    phuket sands and sunset is impressive too but in boracay is softer sand
    that you found it in station one.,…phuket is a touriest distenation
    mostly from europe because of buseness and beach resort is combined,…but
    i also recommend cebu in the philippines that busenesses and beach resorts
    are combined,…

  4. Khone Sinh 9:30 am 2/01 of 2014

    Koh Rong and Sihanouk beat this :D

  5. Dharri 9:43 am 2/01 of 2014

    Very nice videos, thanks for sharing. I would have to say Megan’s Bay in
    St. Thomas, beautiful sunsets.

  6. Lauren Bercarich 9:46 am 2/01 of 2014

    You could be right there – I bet time of the year plays a role! I did enjoy
    the beach in Boracay, I thought the sand was the softest I’d ever felt!
    Unfortunately snorkeling wasn’t the best. Both areas were a bit too busy –
    but I guess that’s what happens when a beautiful location is discovered.

  7. Lauren Bercarich 10:03 am 2/01 of 2014

    I’m in New Jersey. I live about 30 minutes from New York City.

  8. MrThrashing10001 10:04 am 2/01 of 2014

    dearest, the best sunset ever was in Boracay, Philippines, last year.
    amazing great pics i took! good luck with yr video’s!

  9. MrThrashing10001 10:41 am 2/01 of 2014

    maybe because it was april.Really, if you should see thez pics i hv taken,
    they r really amazing. lmike i was amazed about those pics also, haha!
    watch out, i didnt enjoy Boracay so much because too busy and too small and
    nothing to do in fact. I prefer Thailand.

  10. Xintong Zhou 11:17 am 2/01 of 2014

    Thank you! I am a Chinese student studying in the U.S now. I really like
    your videos! Korea is one of my stops on my plan this coming summer. Your
    life in Korea is really fascinating:)

  11. xjay4916x 11:37 am 2/01 of 2014

    I think im in love..

  12. Lauren Bercarich 12:22 pm 2/01 of 2014

    Hi Tony, I’m so glad these videos are helpful! Yes, America is a large
    country to explore – I have yet to explore much of it myself! I
    particularly love New York City :) No, I haven’t been to London….yet!

  13. Lauren Bercarich 1:03 pm 2/01 of 2014

    I love love loved Boracay! Fantastic sunsets. Check out the video I did on

  14. MegaTravelin 1:44 pm 2/01 of 2014

    great vido

  15. Lauren Bercarich 2:06 pm 2/01 of 2014

    I have never been, but it’s on my “wish list!” Thanks for sharing :)

  16. Lauren Bercarich 2:24 pm 2/01 of 2014

    I’ve been to Boracay and thought it was lovely too…but everyday in Phuket
    the sunset was just amazing. Maybe, I’ll just have to head out to
    Boracay… :)

  17. cmmdcs 2:51 pm 2/01 of 2014

    I admit that the one beach that I truly fell in love with is the one at Hua
    Hin. I would even go as far to say that there is no other place I want to
    go when it comes to beaches than Hua Hin. There are a lot about the more
    expensive places to stay, but I found a great guest house at 700 Baht a
    night which is more than adequate for me. Turn your watch back 20 years,
    and go to Hua Hin. I recently added a photo for people to see where I spend
    my days!

  18. Combaticus Maximus 3:19 pm 2/01 of 2014

    Best beach sunset I’ve seen is on 12-mile beach in Grand Cayman

  19. Jared Levin 3:24 pm 2/01 of 2014

    what hotel did you stay at?

  20. Khone Sinh 3:59 pm 2/01 of 2014

    in Koh Rong Cambodia

  21. Tara Wood 4:36 pm 2/01 of 2014

    Fiji, Vanuatu and Bali has the best sunsets and you can’t go wrong with
    Australia is well

  22. Anivia123 4:52 pm 2/01 of 2014

    nice–looking women :P


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