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29th of June 2012 2

Street Scenes of Phuket, Thailand… Island OFF of Thailand. (Patong Beach)

Thailand’s version of Hawaii. – Phuket is an island off the south-west coast of Thailand. Street scenes of the life on the main island. –..


2nd of April 2012 11

Watch FULL SCREEN 720p – Patong, Phuket, Thailand 2011 – Editorial Stock Footages

All the videos are recorded 1920 X 1080 with 100 or 160 iso Videos are recompressed to lower quality for web playback if you want to use these clips, you c..


13th of January 2012 1

I am planning to visit Phuket, Thailand this month end. Gonna stay thr for 3 days. How much it will cost for m?

I am planning to visit Phuket, Thailand this month end. Gonna stay thr for 3 days. How much it will cost for me? What is the cheap and best way to book hot..


4th of December 2011 3

What do you think of the Aman resort in Phuket Thailand?

I’m going to Phuket in December and I was planning to stay at the Aman. I was wondering what you all thought of it and if it’s worth the money...


26th of November 2011 15

Raw Tsunami Video Patong Beach 2004

Raw Tsunami Video Patong Beach 2004


27th of September 2011 0

Where is the most untouched and quietest part of Phuket?

My girlfriend and I want to go for a relaxing and quiet beach holiday in Phuket. We dont want crowds, just somewhere cheap, with one restaurant, a white be..


15th of September 2011 2

Going to Phuket via Bangkok for honeymoon. What hotel should we stay at to await second flight?

We are going to Phuket for our Honeymoon. We fly through Bangkok and have an overnight layover there before our flight to Phuket the next day. I am looking..


21st of June 2011 0

What is the cheapest flight from Jakarta to Phuket?

We want to fly from Jakarta to Phuket on April 10th 2009 and back to Jakarta on the 17th April 2009. What is the cheapest flight we can take and can anyone..


5th of May 2011 11

Phuket Thailand – Travel Warning

Travel Warning – If you plan to drive a moped @ Phuket Thailand you need travel insurance. This video contains graphic scenes of Motorbike Accident. ..


19th of March 2011 0

Jumeirah Island Phuket| Jumeirah Construction | Islands Phuket

Jumeirah island phuket & Phuket real estate is the specialisation of Real estate in Thailand. You may be able to browse comprehensive database for info..


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