Rayong, an hour or two!

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Rayong, an hour or two!

Yomchinda Rayong, an hour or two! Perhaps as a reaction to the energetic modernization of the last 60 years in Thailand, where many historical parts of cities across the country were neglected, you see more and more places, which themselves as â € œoude Stada € profiling.

eastern city of Rayong’s so à © à © n, often by travelers to Koh Samet written off as a little inspiring stop, but this medium-sized provincial capital does much to the idea of ​​â € œoude Stada € new and fresh impetus.


Take Yomchinda, once the main street of the city. In the time that almost all long-distance transportation was done by boat, Rayong was a lively village on the river, where travelers and traders stopped to rest and new supplies in store. Ships were gradually replaced by vehicles in the 20th century, the Sukhumvit Road used, making the once busy Yomchinda into oblivion and turned into a lot of old and neglected buildings.


Yomchinda has been lovingly restored to a large extent. It’s a lively street cafà © s, art galleries and shops selling some old stuff like amulets, old telephones, faded portraits of former kings Thai, Thai navy flags and a few more. Something for the browsers. In Yomchinda a new cinema, where not so popular films.


Lovers of architecture will Sino-European style buildings notice. Most were built during the reign of King Rama V in the late 19th century. Some are elegantly restored while others still the wounds and weathered yellow walls exhibit of more than one hundred years of exposure to the weather and the sun. New classic style lanterns, planters and letterboxes the street again an attractive place to make some stroll around and enjoy the many small restaurants and street stalls.


During our visit we saw on the street in à © à © n © eetcafà a whole class isolated ¼ niformeerde schoolchildren enjoy sweet and flaky roti, a noedeltent seemed the meeting place for the senior citizens of the city. Our favorite was a stall where a robust Thai lady fresh fish on the grill was. Delicious eaten!


Yomchinda lies to the north of Rayong. If the next time you go to Koh Samet or further east Trang, Ratchaburi or Koh Chang, plan a stop at Yomchinda for an hour or two. You will not regret it.

Source: Bangkok Post

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