Readers Question: Buddhist quirks, who can tell you more about?

25th of September 2012 0

Readers Question: Buddhist quirks, who can tell you more about?

spirits Readers Question: Buddhist peculiarities , who can tell you more about? I am a 66 year old Amsterdam, ex Catering entrepreneur. As a manager, I have 20 years in which many people come and go, from the average Joe, to famous artists and writers, TV presenters (celebrities).

Now suppose I therefore a nice people knowledge’ve built and very sober approach life.

now I live for almost 5 years in Thailand. ‘m 4 years married to a highly educated 44 year old Thai woman who speaks good English. This way I can communicate well with, debate, but also discussià «run on our different way of thinking about religion.

Are not religious in something or what, essentially faith in myself, respect each his belief but there are limits in my acceptance. Like Buddhism, which my wife heavily advocated. She tries to comply with the rules well, the good and the evil ones, but all the weirdness around it I go too far as the belief in spirits and ghosts. Most Thai here believe in ghosts, each house there is that spirit which houses arranged the necessary sacrifices, and water / fruit / rice / soft drinks and sometimes whiskey.

There are even here in the near empty houses , unsaleable, because malevolent spirits would live. Oh, was there my ideas «n and took it all with a grain of salt. Until the next occurred.

Tuesday, September 4 last, it was again a Buddha day. The wife (name Poei) from a friendly Swede living here, in their early to come along with a few other Thai women, since it opened up its Buddha House. The cottage 4 x 4 meters built and there are sure to be one hundred (100) different Buddha statues are on set, from large to small.

Once there was Poei in a white pantsuit and a sash around her shoulders . When all the ladies were there they went to the house and each took place. My wife sat on the threshold, due to lack of space. I could see her sitting there with the guy I was drinking coffee at a table near the cottage Soon I heard the rituals begin. After five minutes, I see my wife beckoning to her to come.

Now after a few steps I was at the door and then I looked inside, sat on the floor with a Poei dish in her hands. The ladies were busy there a flower in it. But to my surprise I saw looked like an exorcist movie scene. Poei suddenly began to talk differently, her features changed, she got a mouth like she was toothless, and heard a very creaky old man’s voice, in fits and starts coughing. Her hands began to shake as much when you see old people. I stood in disbelief and amazement watching.

I looked if I could find something to Poei or comedy or something. Well, in that case I have never in my life seen such a good actor.

Now, because I could not follow the conversation I went again with her husband sitting on the coffee table, but heard it what is going on in the house.

Suddenly I heard laughter will scream, went to take a look and then I saw Poei in another guise, a boy. Unmistakably to hear the voice and movements as well. They appeared to have so much fun with the ladies. Suddenly he got used to my wife and began to tell her something. I saw in her face that she was surprised. When she later told me everything turned out to be her son, who lives in another province. And just what we knew, there were riots, disinhibited money from others what he should get. There he would get into trouble, which we ourselves already guessed.

After the session was over and sat down with us Poei I asked her if she could remember anything. Who was that old man? She herself knew nothing and which spirits had visited her.

Who has something here in Thailand with it, what are your findings and thoughts about here?

Henk Biesen Beek

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