Russian tourism organizations threaten to boycott Thailand

21st of November 2013 0

Russian tourism organizations threaten to boycott Thailand


Russian bus crash Thailand Thailand tourism organizations threaten to boycott The Russian Union of travel (RÃ ¼ ti) has urged the Thai Authorities urged to improve the safety of Russian tourists if there is a boycott by its members.

Union, which has more than 5,000 tourist organizations as Russia, has sent a letter to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), said Mr. Narin Tijayung, director of the TAT office in Moscow.

bus accidents


letter on the traffic in Pattaya on 15 November in which more than 30 wounded Russians whose four seriously. The bus carrying 51 tourists overturned on the highway. The accident was caused by a fault of the driver.

More and more Russian tourists in Thailand have to deal with accidents or are the victim of a crime. A month earlier a Russian came to life and hit more than 30 injured in a bus accident in Kanchanaburi province.

The letter is addressed to the Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sports, ask the Russians to take concrete measures to ensure safety. tourists in the kingdom Especially road safety is the main concern. They want that in Thailand more attention to the training of bus drivers, the condition of the vehicle and follow the traffic rules, so laat Narin know.


That the members of Rà ¼ TIA are serious shown by the ultimatum that has been made. to the Thai government The end of November there should be a satisfactory response come from Thailand, if not then there is a boycot. The Russians threaten all scheduled charter flights to Thailand in the period from December 2013 to March 2014 annuleren. The travel agencies will then advise their clients to visit Malaysia as «, Singapore and Vietnam.

other countries in the region


Editorial: What is the opinion of the readers on this issue, the Russians have a point here because it is a poor state of road safety or they should not be too high tower blow? Give your reaction.

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