Sex tourism is not only a male affair (video)

10th of January 2013 0

Sex tourism is not only a male affair (video)


Many European men who regularly travel to Thailand will face prejudice and stigmaâ € ™ s. Some destinations in Asia «including Thailand and the Philippines are soon associated with sex tourism: men in exotic countries looking for cheap sex.

Western women as sex tourism

documentary filmmaker Ulrich Seidl sketch hand in his film an image of European middle-aged women who travel to Africa in search of young lovers. That is what the film Paradies: Liebe ‘. In this first part of the trilogy by the director Seidl delves into the sex tourism industry in Africa.

Sex Tourism

The film travels a fifty woman to Kenya. Teresa demands of her living toys over solid erections. She wants true love for her money. She is also looking for affection, and she wants to feel wanted again. She meets Munga, Ã © Ã © n of the guys that Western women what they want as long as the price is right.

message Seidl may: have at least the courage to look.

Pauw and Witteman

Flemish sexologist Goedele Liekens certainly has guts and watched the movie for the Vara program Pauw and Witteman. She herself is already once been in the Gambia and saw how sex tourism focused on Western women was going on. Yet she fells a less harsh judgment than the maker and possibly the viewers of the film. She does not agree with the way western men and women are put away. DEA clichà © SA is not always correct. She takes it up for the ladies and gentlemen DIEA liefde and sex search in a foreign country. “Arise from normal relationships. Why not? “

The broadcast may be relevant to our readers because in the discussion with Goedele Liekens Pauw and Witteman   & often a comparison with countries like Cuba, Thailand and the Philippines, where men to traveling with more or less the same purpose. But there is an agreement tussen sekstoerisme for men and women? Judge for yourself.

de? For who’s interested, you can find the Vara broadcast Goedele Liekens View: Sexologist about the film ‘Paradies: Liebe’.

The trailer of the film Paradies: Liebe can be viewed here:

Click here to view the embedded video.

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