Sixteen questions about visas (follow-up 2)

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Sixteen questions about visas (follow-up 2)

Arrival card Sixteen questions about visas (follow up 2) Ronny Mergits replied on October 13 sixteen questions about visas in the posting â , € ~ Sixteen questions and answers about visas and everything that samenhangtâ € ™. Some readers have additional questions. In this follow-up questions and a response from Ronny. Follow-up first appeared on October 15.

Antonio di Lupardi Booksthank you for your statement, I have the following question: Are in possession of non immigrant O visa multiple entries – my visa expires on 9 September 2014 I now flies to Thailand in July I get a stamp with 90 days or until maturity of my visa?
like to see your answer to thailand blog.

Best Antonio Books The expiry date of the visa does not affect the length of stay. The length of stay depends on the type of visa that someone has. You have a Non Immigrant O Multiple Entry, which is valid until September 9, 2014. So you come in July, you will get 90 days from the date of entry, even if the validity period of the visa during verblijfsduur verloopt.Â

Note Books I hope it is an example that you use, and you agree to use 2014.’s also for July If not, then you have purchased an expensive visa and could much cheaper with a single entry, but this is your decision .

Marc Greens BooksRonny Good afternoon, good afternoon Dick, PhotoI have on occasion the information on did find a specific question about the situation where I’m in vwb visa for Thailand. I intend to go with a flight to BKK and again return from BKK. To Asia «ca 3 months (Probably from mid Nov 2013 feb.2014 tm) Now my plan to do. 60 days without applying for a visa or other type My plan is as follows and actually my question is whether this is enforceable according to legal rules?

  1. Arrival Thailand: 16/11/2013 where I get 30 days stay
  2. .


  3. out to neighboring Cambodia: 14/12/2013 appearance (I get visa on arrival for around 20USD for 30 days)
  4. Thailand via a flight and arrival airport BKK: ca 21/12/2013 (I suppose I again get 30 days stay)


  5. out to Bali or Singapore: ca 1/14/2014 (I can receive visas on arrival in both cases)
  6. Thailand via a flight and arrival at BKK airport: ca 01/21/2014 (I get again 30 days stay)
  7. Eventually I will have to leave for 2/19/2014 as I see it.

above can be carried out without problems What also plays is that I certainly will not pre-book (I have no evidence in my 1st arrival that I will go away again). My flight to Cambodia Because I want to keep my freedom to perhaps choose a different city in Cambodia, or rather first go to Bali / Singapore.

I am very curious vwb my possibilities. Of course I read your very good information. There is also awful lot to find via Google, but that does not always make it clearer, unfortunately.
Thanks in advance for your answer. Marc Greens
might make it yet, but I’m past June / July already been over 3 weeks in Thailand

Dear Marc, Books What the periods concerned, I do not see an immediate problem. You can stay in Thailand based on Visa Exemption. Seen you for each period with a flight Thailand enters gets you every  30 days.

periode 1st – Nov 16 â € “14 Dec: 29 days Books 2nd periode – Dec 21 â €” 14 Jan: 25 days Books 3rd period â € “Jana 21 – Feb 19: 30 days

There are restrictions on the gebruik a Visa Exemption. You can on this basis only 90 days stay in Thailand for a total period of 180 days. You now remains 84 days a total of 92 days so this is definitely within the period of 180 days.

I do not know if you were right in June / July but I think this is just outside the 180 days. It is also the question of immigration that is all exactly as uitrekenen. Maybe there’s something in the database a program that does this for them.

What can happen is that you can get that this is the last time, the remark at the third entry and three months later you will have to wait before you can get another Visa Exemption. Â Would you earlier but still can back that always based on a visa.

course I can only answer with what is «le appears in the various official websites. The extent to which they strictly observe is something anders. One officer has been more flexible than the other. Same with the airline. Some will require proof that you will leave Thailand. Within 30 days One is there in bow, the other less.

from Europe will be a little more stringent, from Cambodia or Bali / Singapore is perhaps more flexible but you will still need to take into account.


again contact the respective companies and ask if proof is needed and if so what evidence they aanvaarden. Perhaps a hotel booking for some sufficient, others will have a ticket or visa requirements.

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