Sixteen questions and answers about visas and everything associated with it (follow-up 1)

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Sixteen questions and answers about visas and everything associated with it (follow-up 1)

Arrival card Sixteen questions and answers about visas and everything associated with it (follow-up 1) Ronny Mergits replied on October 13 sixteen questions about visas in the posting Sixteen questions and answers about visas and everything related to it . Some readers have additional questions. In this follow-up questions and a response from Ronny. It is still possible to send

at Ronny’s posting

Mathias Beckers VISA message. Like-reaction therefore neutral. Eligible. you come Dusa always about the Thai borders inside seems logical. Meant: ALSA you land border crossing = the 15 days. Will you go with a plane Heta 30 days State is not so clear. (See also Appendix)

Dear Mathias, PhotoAgreement hiermee. I ask the editors to replace “land”. Borders of neighboring countries See also my reply to another comment attached. (Editor’s Note: The Annex where Mathias and Ronny on goals is sent by email to Mathias.)

Han Wouters No comments on your piece but a compliment. I have heard on this and other forums, I did not see the trees for the forest. Many different signals and variations In my case it was the question of whether I should apply for a retirement visa or better in thailand can do as an extension on a 3 month visas. Netherlands Various stories and confusing terms but heard your explanation is really clear. My thanks here.
Regards, Han Wouters

Best Han, PhotoThanks for the compliment. Â goal of the article is thus achieved.

Martin Schouten Incidentally Fall Down 3Â point in posting that can be at the immigration. Applied for a visa in Thailand only I think this is incorrect. In Thailand, one can not apply for a visa, but only converting them to another type of visa, and / or extend.

Best Martin
I agree with you. A visa must be in a Thai embassy or consulate. Requested initially However, in some cases, can also be applied for a visa in Thailand, including Heta Non-Immigrant OA Visa on Arrival, etc.

I do know that multiple entry visa at the border of their questions, but the idea is of course that you have a visa to enter Thailand. This is what the rules for that matter. You are right on.

What’s more known Non-Immigrant OA visa concerns. The latter visa can obtain both an embassy in Thailand. Â In Thailand, this only in an immigration office and nowhere else. Regarding visas convert – And convert a visa to another, is of course a new visa application


Nationals of certain countries are required to apply for a visa only at the Royal Thai Embassy or the Royal Thai Consulate-General in the applicantâ € ™ s country of residence, or at the Royal Thai Embassy Which has jurisdiction over his or her country of residence. Travellers are advised to inquire about Authorised office for visa issuance at any Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate-General before departure. contact details and locations of Royal Thai Embassies and Royal Thai Consulates-General are available ata </​​b> .

Non-Imigrant O-A
Applicant May submit Their application at the Royal Thai embassy or Royal Thai Consulate-General in Their home / residence country or at the Office of the Immigration Bureau in Thailand located onGovernment Center B, Chaengwattana Soi 7, Laksi, Bangkok 10210, Tel 0-2141 -9889.

Gerard Kronenburg My question is about my visa. I have a Non Immigrant,, O,, with Multiple Entries visa. So after 90 days I have to make a visa run to let it be. The next 90 days to take effect Am I obliged by plane to go to Malaysia because if I eg by car to go eg Cambodia overland, do not apply the 90 days but the 15 day rule? Despite my,, O,, Visa Multiple Entries? Whether or not this applies to my Visa and I might go by land and remains valid for 90 days or me? Thanks in advance for your cooperation / response.
Sincerely, Gerard Kronenburg (Bangkok)

Dear Gerard, PhotoDo not zorgen. You will get 90 days. If you have a valid visa you receive upon entering the residence applicable to that type visum. How you enter Thailand does not matter here.

This means Books – A tourist visa given a stay of 60 days Books – A Non-Immigrant O gets a stay of 90 days.

So you do not have to worry. In what way you enter Thailand, you will receive your 90 days. (Just make sure you stay within the validity period of your visa)

30 or 15 day rule applies only to travelers entering Thailand with a  Visa Exemption actually without visum. In that case there is a difference between the airport (30 days ) or land (15 days)

Janny Viguurs I read your info on visas, Thailand Blog but I still not entirely clear. Our holiday trip: October 30 and returned on 22 November: We depart from Schiphol on 30 Oct axis to Bangkok to Chiang Rai. After a few days we want via Chiang Kong to Laosa via Vientiane and Luang Praban back to Thailand, which covers about one week. What about the visa then?
Can we control the border, and for how long we get another visa for Laos in Thailand? Does the visa that I get to Suvarnabhumi Airport then expires or if I go to Laos? We both have a Dutch passport. Very much like quick info! Because maybe we need to arrange something.
Sincerely, Janny Viguurs

Dear Janny, PhotoIf you arrive in Thailand through the airport you get a stay of 30 days. You do not need to purchase visa for Thailand. When you leave Thailand always invalidate the duration that you previously kreeg. Even if that period is not yet over. This is also true if you would have a visa. When you come back from Laos and Thailand enters land you get 15 days.

In your case, it is a little arithmetic. So you stay 23 dagen. Below is an example but you should of course itself a bit  calculate because I do not know what you have planned heeft. You can slide as you want but make sure that the third period no longer than 14 days.

Thailand you in this case not need a visa. For Laos, you do need a visa because there is no Visa Exemption for Dutch or Belgians (Well for example Thai).

Divide your leave in three periods: Books 1st periode – Thailand â € “5 days â €” Vb from 31 October to 3 November so 4 days. Books 2deperiode â € “Laos â €” 7 days (week)-4 November until 10 November so 7 days. Books 3rd period â € “Thailand â €” 10 days â € “November 11 to 22 november so 12 days.

The first period so you get 30 days stay which you will only need 4 Â (You land and comes into the country via the airport of Bangkok).

The second time you are in Laos â € “The visa is valid for 30 days but you have only 7 days of order. Laos To enter, you nodig. a visa can be requested in the Netherlands or in Thailand.

The third time you get a stay of 15 days at entry (You arrive in Thailand by land) but you only need 12.

Enjoy your stay.

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