Sixteen questions and answers about visas and everything associated with it

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Sixteen questions and answers about visas and everything associated with it

visa thailand Sixteen questions and answers about visas and everything associated with it In Thailand Blog diving regularly questions about visas. Ronny Mergits put all questions in a row and it provides the answers to immigration with the caveat that not all agencies use the same rules. â € ~ Every’ll have his own experience and they all mention is impossible. I would therefore prefer the official «le sites and keep as reference only gebruikenâ € ™ says hij. in the Annex Ronny in detail on the various topics. Also in this document the necessary links to even more information. See the table of contents at the end.

1 Do I need a visa for Thailand?

Yes. Thailand is a country where the visa requirement for Dutch and Belgians. But there is an exception to that requirement. Thailand has an agreement with certain countries which passport holders from these countries are exempt from visa (Visa Exemption ), if they meet certain conditions.

that agreement can Dutch and Belgians, who enter Thailand for tourism reasons, continuous 30 days in Thailand. If you enter through the borders, this period is limited to 15 days.

There is a limitation. Thailand tourists who come in with a Visa Exemption can be up to 90 days stay in Thailand for a total period of 6 months, counting from the first entry. You can not come in and unlimited Thailand long stay based on a Visa Exemption .

that way

2 I entered Thailand with a Visa Exemption . Is the stamp that I get to immigration than a â € ~ Visa on Arrivalâ € ™?

stamp you get in your passport on entry, is a â € ~ € ™ Arrivalâ stamp. Everyone who enters Thailand, get this stamp, regardless of the type of visa they hold. So it is no â € ~ Visa on Arrivalâ € ™.

â € ~ Visa on Arrivalâ € ™ is reserved to passport holders of certain countries. Netherlands and Belgium «not belong here and are therefore not eligible for a â € ~ Visa on Arrivalâ € ™. Not necessary, because we have a 30 day exemption and a â € ~ Visa on Arrivalâ € ™ is only valid for 15 days.

3 Where can I apply for a visa?

A visa can apply at a Thai embassy or consulate. If you apply for a visa at a Thai embassy or consulate, you must be located outside Thailand. Some visas can only apply in the country where you live, for example, Non-immigrant â € ~ OAA € ™. In Thailand you can apply for a visa or to change at the Immigration Office.

4 Should children also apply for a visa?

Yes. For children the same procedure as for adults apply. The visa is either included in the passport of the parents if they are registered there, or they get their own visa if they have their own passport. Children pay the same price for a visa as adults.

5 Can I use a single flight to Thailand and this without a visa?

Basically yes. However, the airline is responsible for the persons they enter a country. It thus has the right and duty to make sure you have the visa requirements. They may ask for proof of your intention to leave Thailand within 30 days (including connecting flight within 30 days). If you can not submit a proof, ZOA € ™ can you refuse to flee. It is wise in this case, before you leave, check the evidence which the airlines will accept.

6 I want to Thailand tourist reason and this for more than 30 days. Which visa do I need?

this is the tourist visa. Allows you to stay in Thailand for 60 days. A tourist visa can also be extended by a further 30 days. in Thailand You can also ask two or three entries on a tourist visa. By just over the border to go, so you can stay in Thailand soon spread to nine months so 3 x (60 +30). In two or three entries, you obviously good to keep. Validity of the visa in the eye When has expired, also void the entries, even if they are not used.

7 What is the validity of a visa and what is the duration?

Validity and duration may be less experienced visa users sometimes misunderstood. However, they are two things you should keep clearly separated:

a) The validity of the visa This is the period within which the visa must be used. This is stated on the visa under Enter before â € |. It does not give you permission to stay until that date. In Thailand The period of validity may, for example 3 months, 6 months, or one year, depending on the type of visa. The validity of the visa is determined by the Thai embassy or consulate.

It is important that you, depending on the number of entries of your departure date, the visa is not to apply quickly to keep.

the validity period as long as possible

b) The length of stay The duration you’ll receive upon entering Thailand and is completed in the aankomststempel. It is the immigration officer who, on the type of visa will grant. Dependent This date determines how long you will be allowed to continue.

in Thailand

8 I want to Laos or Cambodia. during my stay also Which visa do I need?

If you also want to Laos or Cambodia during your stay, this can of course, but for this you will need to apply for a visa. of the country This can be in Thailand, but also for your departure from the Netherlands or Belgium «. If you want to visit Thailand and Cambodia can also obtain a visa combined.

Be careful when Thailand verlaat. If you had a single entry tourist visa , it is already used in your first entry into Thailand. The duration that you have achieved this, expires when you leave the country. The remaining days can not be taken to the next entry.

If you re-enters the country, one will see this as an entry based visa and no one will take into account your previous tourist visa. You will receive a stay of 30 days. If this entry is done through the borders, you will receive 15 days stay bad. Keep this in mind during your planning.

If you still have a valid visa with two or more entries, it does not matter. You will get a stay in line with the visa that you own even if it is through the borders.

9 What if I want to stay long time in Thailand and my goal is not touristy?

longer stay in Thailand and when the goal is not touristy, it has been a series of Non-Immigrant visas available. So there include the Non-Immigrant â € ~ Bâ € ™ if one wants to do business, Non-Immigrant EDA € ™ â € ~ if you want to study and Non-immigrant â € ~ Oâ € ™ to include family visit or at retirement.

You will be awarded a visa category that is consistent with the purpose of your visit. You must, of course, to submit required to obtain.

specifically the necessary visa documents

10 I just want to enjoy life and therefore wants to stay a long time in Thailand. What kind of visa do I need?

If you want to stay long time in Thailand you can â € ~ Oâ € ™ visa applications. the Non-Immigrant Allows you © n piece stay in Thailand 90 days à © Ã. To a Non-immigrant â to obtain € ~ Oâ € ™ visa you will have to prove that you have sufficient financial «n holds.

You can apply for this visa as a single Entryâ € ™ and then the validity of the visa 3 months or you can â € ~ € ™ Entriesâ Multiple applications and then the visa valid for 1 year. In â € ~ Multiple Entriesâ € ™ so you can enter Thailand for a year, each with a duration of 90 days. After 90 days, you will have to leave.


You can visit another country or you can called Visarun make. One speaks of a Visarun when they leave the country and re-enter with the sole purpose to obtain a new one. Stay

11 Can I stay in Thailand longer than 90 days?

Yes. You can on the basis of age (50 or older) a one-year extension to obtain your non-immigrant â € ~ Oâ € ™ or â € ~ € ™ OAA and this every year, as long as you meet the requirements . This is also called a â € ~ € ™ Retirementvisaâ, but it is actually an extension of your existing Non-Immigrant â € ~ Oâ € ™ or â € ~ € ™ OAA based retirement . Financial you will have to prove, or an income of 65,000 baht a bank account of 800,000 baht, or a combination of both.

12 I am married to a Thai. Can I stay a long time on the basis of my wedding in Thailand?

Yes. You can on the basis of marriage to a Thai obtain a one-year extension, as in retirement and this every year as long as you meet the requirements. This is called a â € ~ € ™ visaâ Thai women, but it is actually an extension of your existing non immigrant visa.

Your spouse (o) t (e) should have to prove that he / she has Thai nationality. course Financial please monthly prove 40,000 baht income or a bank account with an amount of 400,000 baht. A combination of both can not in this case. Keep in mind that this extension expires separation.

13 I got a one-year extension, but would occasionally leave Thailand. Will this affect my renewal?

If you have received one-year extension and you want to leave Thailand you must have a Re-entry to ask you to leave the country. If you do not and you leave Thailand, automatically terminates and you must start from scratch. Extend your year all over again A Re-entry, Single or Multiple you can obtain in the Immigration Bureau.

14 What is meant by the 90-day notification?

Everyone who for more than 90 consecutive days in Thailand resides, must report to his Immigration Bureau. This may personally or through third by post. The aim is to confirm. Residence

notification is free but you can get a fine of 2000 baht when you are late reports, or 4,000 baht when one finds a check that you have not reported. If you leave Thailand during the year, will void the 90 day count. It starts from day one to count your entry. Your arrival stamp counts as first reported.

15 May I have the official «le duration of my stay beyond?


. A â € ~ € ™ overstayâ (as it is called) of your stay is banned in Thailand, whatever one tells you. You violate the immigration law and thus the Thai law. You can get a fine of 20,000 baht or imprisonment for two years. Whatever you do or plant, never exceed the authorized stay.

16 Can I work in Thailand?

In Thailand you may work but you must have a visa that allows work, and most importantly, you must be in possession of a work permit. In any case, never start to work without being in possession of a work permit, even if you have that work permits.

a visa


Ronny Mergits this Q & A and annex written following the posting At that time, some readers signed up as co-reader. Unfortunately, we do not know who they were. The reaction possibility we have plotted this time confusing and sometimes patently false to avoid. Comments We want the readers do not submit the forest. Comments like They are collected, presented to Ronny who may or will not respond to, and are published in a follow-up posting. A while


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