Lists - Southern Thai Food (แกงใต้) – Stink Beans and Fiery Chilies!

6th of January 2014 23

Southern Thai Food (แกงใต้) – Stink Beans and Fiery Chilies!

Thailand Food

There are many regional variations of Thai food, but southern Thai food (แกงใต้) is my absolute favorite. Get southern Thai food in Bangkok here: http://www….

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23 great comment(s) for this post

  1. Mark Wiens 8:20 am 6/01 of 2014

    Southern Thai Food (แกงใต้) is one of my favorite types of Thai cuisine and
    in #Bangkok at Ran Luam Dtai (ร้านรวมใต้) they do it awesomely.

    Watch the video now…

    #Thailand #ThaiFood #AmazingThailand #food #travel 

  2. computermech 8:26 am 6/01 of 2014

    Love all your videos! Where does all the food go? You’re still slim! :-)

  3. shinmusashi44 8:47 am 6/01 of 2014

    I moved to Thailand about a year ago and have to say Thai food sucks fro
    the most part.

  4. jimmy roberson 8:52 am 6/01 of 2014

    Wanted to wish you & your family & wife a verry merry joy fulfilled
    Christmas! Please surprise us with a Christmas food video?( or New

  5. Leroy young 9:29 am 6/01 of 2014

    I’m jealous in a very nice way i love thai food and your food looks very
    nice in your video

  6. Jean Evaristo 9:51 am 6/01 of 2014

    I love Thai foods!

  7. angelisa holman 9:54 am 6/01 of 2014

    I was from Thailand but I moved to US and I wanna go back so badddd!!! ):

  8. 23Solo 10:32 am 6/01 of 2014

    Hey Mark, love your videos, I always end up very hungry haha
    can you please explain me what is the satisfaction you feel when your
    mouth is burning like hell? I really can’t understand, cause that hurts

  9. Chorvin Woo 10:35 am 6/01 of 2014

    I love all of your videos!!! Everything look soo yummy I hope to visit
    Thailand one day!

  10. op kankeren 10:41 am 6/01 of 2014

    Mark is food from thailand similiar to the philipines? 

  11. Luis Fernando Murillo 11:35 am 6/01 of 2014

    Very good video, Mark! You really communicate culinary joie de vivre!

  12. bayouranch 12:12 pm 6/01 of 2014

    Love your videos, just got back and am planning another trip to thailand,
    really love the north, the food everywhere was amazing, really enjoyed the
    cooking school in chiang mai, we all loved our own cooking even more, ha

  13. E3tiger 12:34 pm 6/01 of 2014

    You’ve made me insanely hungry man… Awesome video!

    Off topic question: How do you stay so lean with all of this amazing eating
    which you do?! Do you have any travel fitness tips?

  14. particlebeam 1:33 pm 6/01 of 2014

    “a roll on your stomach” :D
    Excellent write-up on the dishes, this’ll keep me busy this Sunday figuring
    out how it’s all made :)

  15. TheSpritz0 2:23 pm 6/01 of 2014

    You might have me convinced on Thailand now Mark- looks just BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  16. Robert Ngo 2:30 pm 6/01 of 2014

    Another question for your “question video” Mark. How do u stay so thin? I
    went to malaysia for 3 weeks and put on 1/2 a stone lol.

  17. Angelina Yang 3:21 pm 6/01 of 2014

    my eyes just had an orgasm! thanks mark..

  18. LongDistanceCall11 4:15 pm 6/01 of 2014

    +shinmusashi44 How so? Haven`t you tried it before actually moving?
    I mean I once wanted to live in Japan, I went there and after a month of
    travelling from north to south of it… I discovered I`d go hungry 99% of
    the time cuz japanese cuisine is just soooo not my cup of tea. Well, I
    abandoned that dream.

  19. sanzoparty1066 4:16 pm 6/01 of 2014

    Everything looks so delicious! Fish and rice are such a heavenly
    combination (hot jasmine rice)! Thank you Mark and Ying for sharing your
    favorite dishes to your viewers for so many years!

  20. sekar sonia 4:25 pm 6/01 of 2014

    I’ve never seen anyone in my life eating Petai as delicious as you. I’m

  21. Rory reviewer 5:17 pm 6/01 of 2014

    I tried Gaeng Tai Pbla for the first time today! It was really good but a
    bit different than yours. Mine had lots of noodles and it was served on a
    plate with a lot less of the curry/gravy thing. More like a regular dish
    than a soup looking thing.

  22. EyeManProductions 5:48 pm 6/01 of 2014


  23. muhd fadhilah 6:43 pm 6/01 of 2014

    When Mark tilt his head to the left u noe the food is good;)


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