Statement of the week: Paying for sex is a form of violence

18th of December 2013 0

Statement of the week: Paying for sex is a form of violence

Prostitution Thailand Statement of the week: Paying for sex is a form of violence Quote: â , € ~ When we talk about violence against women, it is rarely about prostitution. Despite numerous reports of prostitutes who are trafficked, held in slavery, raped, or beaten, the men who use the sex trade, vrijuit.Â

Maybe their behavior called naughty or wrong, but the customers are not considered as accomplices in the exploitation of women. It seems to us, as a society, in handy for buying sex to be considered as a vice instead of violence. Dingy and a little wild? Yes. A form of abuse? Not echt.â € ™

In an op story Bangkok Post argues Mary Honeyball, MEP for London and Labour spokesperson for women in Europe, whore runners are guilty of violence. â € ~ There is implicit violence when buying a physical commodity someone who does not want verkopenâ € ™ writes ze. Honeyball points to research by journalist and women’s rights activist Joan Smith, showing that nine of ten prostitutes would leave if they got the chance. box Only 11 percent work voluntarily at 89 percent and 11 percent do not get the media attention the most. Apparently, we love the idea of ​​â € ~ happy hookerâ € ™.

Honeyball argues for the Swedish model. Since 1999, punishable the customer. This has led to a halving of street prostitution, trafficking reduced and it has successfully stigmatized the sex trade. Swedish men are three times as often as opposed to paying for sex. Honeyball hopes that it manages to get to choose. In 2014 for the Swedish model, the European Parliament so far In Iceland and Norway is already used â € “in France, Ireland and Northern Ireland are already working on legislation, so the center of gravity shifts.

In Thailand, prostitution is prohibited

In Thailand, prostitution is forbidden â € “it’s almost a travesty to write seen red-light districts like Patpong, Soi Cowboy on, Nana (Bangkok), Walking Street (Pattaya) and what city does not. Sometimes a tent is closed, sometimes underage girls freed, sometimes foreign women working under duress, freed (and immediately deported), but often they do not.

may say, that story Honeywell does not apply to Thailand. Here most of the prostitutes work voluntarily. You may say: good idea, Thailand should also allow customers offense (and action against him). Or is that a pipe dream?

Hence the assertion of the Week: Paying for sex is a form of violence. Let us know if you agree and why. Or disagree and why.

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