Statement of the week: Thailand visa rules must consistently apply!

11th of December 2013 0

Statement of the week: Thailand visa rules must consistently apply!

nonimmigrant visa Thailand Statement of the week: Thailand visa rules must be applied consistently! Thailand has many types of visas for tourists, residents, pensionadoâ € ™ s, students and even a few. Each visa application has its own rules and requires different documents. It would in many ways be good as Thailand rice pudding of visas would be easier, but that does not look out for the time being.

That is a given and it would be nice if the visa rules therefore be implemented. consistently and according to the rules As is apparent, unfortunately sometimes to suspend what in practice. I do not have embassies or consulates, but especially at regional offices of Immigration did.

I quote some examples:

1. Recently in Phuket, there was some consternation about the application of the income rule for a â € œretirement visaa € for couples. If à © à © n of them (usually the man) a retirement visa requests or want to extend, he must show his passbook and / or income documentation. The other half of the couple, the status of â € € œfollowerâ than acquisition. The bank, which than 800,000 Baht on should be, must be held by only the applicant. If the couple has a joint account: Mr ….. and / or Ms. …… then double the amount applies ie 1.6 million baht. That is the rule, but that was last used in Phuket smoothly, could suffice with that 800,000 Baht. Now Immigration in Phuket that line tightened, and announced that everyone will be held rule. Strictly to the official “le This applies to Phuket, but it is quite possible that elsewhere it is smoothly handled. That rule again

2. For students, there is the â € œEducation visas (ED), which, however, to pass and especially inappropriately provided. Someone volunteers at a language school for example, that with no problem, but at a hefty fee, arrange one year visa. Control over whether there really is not being studied, although recently it was reported that from Phuket Immigration plan is to carry out checks because the number of ED visa through the roof. I know several people who have such a visa, but never followed.

the lessons of the school concerned

3. For pensionadoâ € ™ s visa applies to a retirement, that one should discuss income. Statement from the embassy Here in Pattaya you can income statement with no problem, but with evidence of course, make a statement to the Austrian consulate. From Nongkai I once read that the income statement in the Thai language (and legalized) must be submitted.

4. A good friend of mine had a visa (which I do not know exactly) that expired. He would have to make a visa run and then returned a 14-day entry permit if he should get for example Kuala Lumpur to the Thai embassy for a new visa. He hesitated and explained his problem to an official at the Immigration office. He was a three-month visa offered for 10,000 baht. He accepted the offer and his passport was after payment, that just took place at the office, not in a back room or so, with the necessary stamps. A receipt he had obviously not.

There are numerous other examples as possible of how different the offices of the Immigration Rules interpret and execute. That’s not good, because the regular visitor ZOA € ™ s office can be suddenly confronted with a change in the application.

The thesis of the week is therefore: Thailand, there are rules for the granting of visas, then pass that to the letter consistently


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