Street Dogs Hua Hin project requires your help

15th of September 2011 0

Street Dogs Hua Hin project requires your help

Streetdagshuanhin Project Street Dogs Hua Hin ask your help My name is Marlie Timmermans. I am currently staying in Thailand for a long time and have the project set

For years I had the desire to do something good for animals in need. When I knew I was going to Hua Hin, the idea for this project quickly turned into reality. I visit the dogs twice daily. Mainly for them to give the necessary medication or wound care.

The project provides help strays on to give the necessary medication, vaccination and sterilization. The dogs live on and near a temple in Hua Hin. The project started on May 31, 2011 and there are already excellent results. Currently, 2.5 months after its creation, the project already has 65 dogs to give medical care. Which are now 14 females spayed. Tevens, the project owner to find a good puppies and adult dogs. To my delight, the first adoption took place. Three females sterilized, Vixen, Luna and Caramel have found a place together in a true animal lover from Hua Hin. Take a look at the website and see what else dogs available for adoption. Project Hua Street Dogs hin depends entirely on donations. Would you like to help improve the lives of these stray dogs in Hua Hin? They wait for your help!

For more information about this project, you are invited to visit the website: There is lot of information from such treatments and the daily events on “my blog” and “before and after” transformations are amazing dogs that are almost unrecognizable, after a brief medical treatment.

Many photos and a video on this site, give a striking picture of the ups and downs of the dogs and the help given.

And of course, forget the “donate” page not. All donations are sorely needed. With your money to the dogs without pain, itching and unnecessary pregnancies a pleasant life with confidence. Already treated dogs in the future will repeat vaccinations and acute need help with illness and injury.

Once the dogs of this temple complex treated and their condition to rebuild, then I would be happy to with the adjacent temple. Also there is no help available. But that is only possible with your financial support! Watch a video of Street Dogs Hua Hin:

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