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What do you think is so good about Pattaya and why do you like Pattaya?

I sold up and left the UK in 2002 to settle in Pattaya and have not regretted one minute. Wish I had done it sooner. Best answer: Answer by kenjinukGood I ..


23rd of December 2012 0

A Dutchman in Thailand: Thoughts about Christmas …

Thoughts about Christmas … Dear Editor, In the days before Christmas and New Year would you ever tell your story as a foreigner who has been living i..


2nd of December 2012 0

What farang men do not understand about Thai women

On Stickmanâ € ™ s blog, a 10 year old english blog for expats and tourists around Bangkok, took Tino Cleaners following story a Thai on Thai-Farang r..


27th of October 2012 0

“He goes about his business but I have no secrets’

The format is simple. You go with a microphone and a camera on the street and you ask people: â € ~ Have you ever secretly looked at the Facebook page o..


25th of September 2012 0

Readers Question: Buddhist quirks, who can tell you more about?

I am a 66 year old Amsterdam, ex Catering entrepreneur. As a manager, I have 20 years in which many people come and go, from the average Joe, to famous art..


16th of July 2012 0

Musing about how it was in Thailand

– This story was previously posted on January 14, 2011 – Last week yet another day and a night in Bangkok was. I am honest, I do not like to Pa..


14th of July 2012 0

About Tenglish, Dunglish and other coal-English

My girlfriend and I are now about six months together, for three months now three months in Thailand and the Netherlands. We have the good sense to us and ..


21st of May 2012 0

Beautiful short video about ego-tourism Thailand

In the series of beautiful photos of Thailand, we have another one managed to tumble. A very special this time because it is a so-called ego-video. cameram..


16th of May 2012 0

Film about daily life in northern Thailand

That life in North and Northeast Thailand is totally different in big cities like Bangkok, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai and Pattaya is clear. Many people choose to ..


10th of April 2012 0

What I need to know about Penthouse Pattaya Hotel and any reviews?

Ok i feel that i am going to have the most fun by staying at the Penthouse in Pattaya what should i know about the hotel and the area. Any reviews of this ..


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