9th of April 2013 6

When is the best time to buy airline tickets to Thailand?

I am planning a trip to go to Thailand in January. I want to know when would be a good time to purchase cheap airline tickets, now or wait until January? T..


19th of January 2013 8

Best Muay Thai Knockouts 2012 – Part 2

Muay Thai KO compilation. Best Muay Thai knockouts from Thailand August & September 2012. Full fights below: Kataphet Sor Suradet vs Sipay..


14th of December 2012 1

What are the best countries to travel to in Central Asia?

What are some good places, with good entertainment, music, food, etc? I’m also looking for places with safety and little political oppression. Best a..


14th of December 2012 2

What is the best fasting retreat in Thailand?

I’m planning a holiday in Thailand. I would like to go to a fasting retreat to detox for 14 days, where it is relaxing and on a beautiful beach. I wa..


8th of December 2012 0

Chiang Mai, best destination in Thailand

Chiang Mai was recently voted the best tourist destination by the readers of (see: Chiang Mai main tourist destination in Thailand). For us..


23rd of November 2012 0

The 10 best buy tips in Bangkok: cheap and good quality

Are you fond of shopping or you’re a real bargain hunter? Then Bangkok is a paradise for you. The Thai capital is known as à © à © â € ™ s o..


4th of November 2012 0

Readers Question: “What is the best way to Thailand to save money for your partner?”

My question, which I would like to present to the readers of Blog Thailand living in Thailand, is the following: “What is the best way in Thailand to..


23rd of October 2012 0

What is the best way to get to Pattaya Beach Thailand. What are the hotels that have jacuzzi, sauna and gym?

Best answer: Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!


12th of October 2012 0

Readers Question: Which internet connection is best in Thailand?

Which internet connection is best in Thailand? Dear Readers, I would like your advice about Internet use in Thailand. There has already been a discussion b..


8th of August 2012 6

What are The Best 5 star hotel in Bangkok, Thailand?

There are many 5 star Hotels in Thailand, but I need to know which ones are the best. Thanks Best answer: Answer by Gerald JProbably the Mandarin Oriental ..


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