23rd of March 2014 1

what is the importance of food in relation to customs in thailand?

Best answer: Answer by backpackDo not bring fresh fruit and veg or raw meat do this and you cant go far wrong. did you mean importing? They offer food to B..


27th of April 2011 0

Customs intercepted at Schiphol elephant hair jewelry

Schiphol โ€“ Customs at Schiphol recently found in the luggage of a French traveler to 2 jewelry, made from elephant hair. The passenger arrived on a f..


23rd of April 2011 0

Customs discovers suitcase full of counterfeit Viagra

SCHIPHOL โ€“ The customs at the airport this week intercepted a suitcase containing nearly 16,000 fake erection pills. The case was a traveler who had ..


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