2nd of February 2014 0

Maria’s Diary (Part 14)

Maria Berg (72) had a wish come true: she moved to Thailand in October 2012, and she has no regrets. Her family calls her an ADHD elderly and she agrees. M..


31st of January 2014 0

Diary of Monique Rijnsdorp

Monique Rijnsdorp (51) camped out for a number of years most of the year in Thailand . She has worked for 27 years in a bank include as a junior trader and..


29th of January 2014 0

Diary of André van Leijen: Little Red Riding Hood and the missing erogenous zones

André © Leijen introduces himself: I am a biologist. I have taught at the University of Rotterdam and at a secondary school in Spijkenisse and Vlaardinge..


27th of January 2014 0

Diary of Hans Struylaart Sometimes it can also be completely wrong …

Because I do not wanna hurt, there’s a very good friend was the person in question is called fictitious. It’s a story to illustrate how it can ..


23rd of January 2014 0

Diary of Paul van der Hijden (Part 9)

Born Limburger Paul van der Hijden (1951) studied social worker and worked for many years including in crisis intervention, psychiatry, youth, unmarried mo..


19th of January 2014 0

Diary of Siam Siem * (2): Meetings

Siem is an entrepreneur. After his company in 2001, having sold what he wanted to do was place-something. Meanwhile, he is active in the online world of IT..


17th of January 2014 0

Diary of Michel van Vliet: What a Christmas!?

Michel van Vliet (43) now lives just about six years in Thailand. He has traveled extensively since his 30th and remain ultimately hang in Thailand. After ..


13th of January 2014 0

Gerrie’s Diary (Part 14)

I was in Bangkok for the New Year’s reception for Dutch and Belgians organizing. © my stamcafà This along with Thailand Blog with the aim to donate..


9th of January 2014 0

Diary of Bert van Balen: Day Tripper

â € ~ The Twoa «ntwintigste I jarig.â € ™ I am trying to count how many times she has done this communication. And I’m trying to count how m..


28th of December 2013 0

Gerrie’s Diary (Part 13)

Gerrie Agterhuis (66) previously worked for an international packaging and was employed throughout the world. Mexico, Serbia «(during the bombing), the Uk..


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