21st of February 2014 0

Interview with a.e. Joan Boer, Dutch ambassador

A Friend , linguist, sculptor, musician, and a man with a good sense of humor, behold, the Ambassador of the Netherlands in Thailand. addition, he happen..


15th of February 2014 0

Dutch food in Thailand (7)

So what is most important if you are going to cook? Is it the hygeine «ne? That seems to be in the West, here in Thailand a lot less very important. Is th..


8th of February 2014 0

Dutch food in Thailand (6)

Last week the soups, at least examples. Few responses but many visitors again. I feel honored. Today I would like to talk about pork. As a bonus I add a fe..


7th of February 2014 0

Dutch homeless, “Five-Star Tony ‘, deceased in Pattaya

Tony, a Dutch homeless, well known in the community of Pattaya, where he spent more than 20 years, is deceased, according to a message from his church, Enc..


1st of February 2014 0

Dutch food in Thailand (5)

Last week  stopover. Amazingly nice comments many thanks! The week before the addresses, I had really hoped that there would be some addresses. I know be..


26th of January 2014 0

Bangkok Shutdown: how do you say in Dutch?

call to devise a Dutch equivalent of Bangkok Shutdown has â € “somewhat to our surprise â €” a high number of responses. A literal transl..


18th of January 2014 0

Dutch food in Thailand (3)

Skies Souls, what a delicious recipes there last week reviewed. If we go people, we get over time so much wonderful, that it might be there to make. Cookbo..


11th of January 2014 0

Dutch food in Thailand (2)

That is over. We have been a couple of days in Hua Hin. Along with Dad, tired, brother of Na and the two of us, of course. Everyone enjoyed it immensely an..


29th of September 2013 0

The Dutch Associations in Thailand

Action Leon van der Zanden in Bangkok In which country you anywhere in the world comes, there is always something to find. Dutch That’s always been t..


24th of September 2013 0

The Dutch pension system

Many Dutch, who live in Thailand, are here to enjoy. their well-earned retirement When it comes to the Dutch pension system would you like to read the news..


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