17th of September 2013 0

Dutchman arrested with stolen Thai visa

local newspaper Pattaya Daily News reports that a Dutchman was arrested who used a stolen visa. Mukdahan immigration staff further stated that more arrests..


18th of March 2013 0

Dutchman in Pathum Thani unprovoked beaten up (video)

Late last night, a 48-year-old Dutchman by six Thai youths were beaten. The man walked around EENA internetcafà ©  near the Manhattan Hotel in Pathum T..


23rd of December 2012 0

A Dutchman in Thailand: Thoughts about Christmas …

Thoughts about Christmas … Dear Editor, In the days before Christmas and New Year would you ever tell your story as a foreigner who has been living i..


18th of October 2012 0

A Dutchman travels to “Buddha’s Footprint”

Daily Register How were Dutch and Thai 270 years ago with each other? I was amazed at the daring openness and curiosity of both sides while understanding e..


31st of July 2012 0

Thai Dutchman falls from window

A 63 year-old Dutchman is in the Thai place Pattaya killed. He fell out the window of a hotel, but it is unclear what exactly happened. The man was at the ..


8th of June 2012 0

Theorem o / t Week: A Dutchman abroad to vote!

Now that the elections are approaching, are hundreds of thousands of Dutch citizens abroad to whether they will vote. Why vote? Emigrants good for eight Ho..


14th of January 2012 0

Aviation Notes lesser wanderlust Dutchman

The Dutchman is expected to lower this year on holiday, according to a study by NBTC-NIPO. cause the financial crisis and the economic situation that entai..


11th of September 2011 0

Dutchman puts first botanic garden in Laos

Tourists will get there a few years ago, to Laos. But otherwise, the communist country has a large undeveloped area. All the more special that the Dutchman..


1st of September 2011 0

Dutchman missing in Phuket

Phuket, the 44-year-old Bass Meulendijks been missing for two weeks. Concerned friends Bas started a search, so we read in The News Puket. Meulendijks frie..


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