27th of March 2014 10

Good Food, Cheap Price – Eating Out in Jomtien Beach, Pattaya Thailand

Visit my website at – eating out is a favorite local restaurant in Jomtien Beach, Thailand. Everything is cooked fresh and ..


3rd of March 2014 4

In Pattaya, Thailand…Which hotel/motel is a good cheap one?

I want to be able to bring a ‘guest’ back sometimes and not be charged for the extra person…also, I’m not really a loud party type ..


24th of October 2013 0

Uncle Jan is doing good business

It goes well with Uncle Jan, to give it a popular saying. Something formal, pawnshops do good business. Easy Money, Thailands largest pawnshop, has been ma..


22nd of August 2013 0

Strong euro and weak baht good news for Thailand’s Eye

Dutch in the coming weeks on holiday to exotic destinations such as Thailand are considerably cheaper, writes the Telegraph. Thanks to the strong euro and ..


4th of June 2013 16

Living the Good Life Outside of Pattaya – Cost of Apartments Jomtien and Naklua Beaches

Membership site now open: I think many of people are kind of embarrassed when meeting strangers or telling relatives about li..


12th of March 2013 2

What is a good size backpack for a 2 week trip to Thailand?

I’m planning a 2 week trip to Thailand this summer and need to figure out the right size pack to buy. I don’t intend on bringing too much as I ..


27th of January 2013 6

What do you think is so good about Pattaya and why do you like Pattaya?

I sold up and left the UK in 2002 to settle in Pattaya and have not regretted one minute. Wish I had done it sooner. Best answer: Answer by kenjinukGood I ..


23rd of November 2012 0

The 10 best buy tips in Bangkok: cheap and good quality

Are you fond of shopping or you’re a real bargain hunter? Then Bangkok is a paradise for you. The Thai capital is known as à © à © â € ™ s o..


20th of August 2012 1

can someone give me advice on buying a small laptop in Koh Samui? Is there a good place to go?

I am going to Thailand for a while and want to get a small laptop. Can you recommend somewhere to buy one in Koh Samui that is a reputable place to go with..


15th of July 2012 2

Where can I find a good gigantic music store in Thailand, Bangkok,? Phuket or even in Ko Samui..?

Where can I find a good gigantic music store in Thailand, Bangkok,? Phuket or even in Ko Samui.. specially alternative rock , punk rock CD’s and rock..


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