25th of September 2013 0

Journal Henk Jansen (part 2): Bored? No, I’m not ready

Thai markets are fun to visit. However for yourself at the market is much more fun. Near the condoâ € ™ sa where we live, you have almost every Saturd..


21st of September 2013 0

Journal of Els late (Part 3): Massage in Ubon

Els of late lives for over 30 years with her husband â € ~ the Kuukâ € ™ in a small village in Brabant. In 2006 she visited Thailand for the first ..


7th of September 2013 0

Journal of the Thea Vegte

Yesterday the most beautiful and the ugliest woman met in Bangkok. The ugliest won the charm in terms of the most gloriously. The best was the skytrain and..


23rd of August 2013 0

Journal HenkJansen

HenkJansen tinkering of balloons flowers, dogs and swords. He will visit the notorious Bang Kwang prison in Bangkok and is surprised at a gas station on th..


15th of August 2013 0

Journal of Theo van der Schaaf: Thai Boat Parade and happiness

They are too cold, which cherries, so straight from the fridge. They need warmer, more than taste, he thought. All day he had eaten nothing but now he has ..


11th of August 2013 0

Journal Kees Roijter: Since then Pon’s plants also sacred to me

For Pon her plants are sacred and not just a little. On the windowsill in front of our house are usually orchids «n. They are beautiful, that may be said ..


4th of August 2013 0

Journal of Bert van Balen: Welcome to Netherlands

Bert van Balen (67) has after his retirement as a photographer, more or less based in Thailand, especially in Chiang Mai. He lives in a rented house for si..


13th of July 2013 0

Journal Symen Hovinga: Recently I pull in lasagna

Siem is an entrepreneur. After having sold his company in 2001, he wanted to do what was not localized anything. Meanwhile he is online active in the IT wo..


10th of July 2013 0

Journal of Kalaya and Andre

After done, the LTS Andre Nederpel went to the age of 16 as a machine carpenter working at a small construction company. On his 36th he emigrated to Thaila..


1st of July 2013 0

Journal of Jaap van der Meulen

Jaap van der Meulen (66) is Since 2008, with early retirement. After graduating from the Naval College in Amsterdam he sailed for several years as a pilot ..


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