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Ask v / d week: Can a farang life of 9,000 baht per month?

an introduction You do not know me personally;? maybe you have a little bit formed from the stories I write an image. I’m a regular guy. Nothing fanc..


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Theorem v / d week: From 9,000 baht per month, a Thai non life!

It has now been a year ago that Prime Minister Yingluck it by her party promised minimum daily wage of 300 baht (â, ¬ 6,70) introduced. A beautiful and s..


28th of November 2013 0

From the Thai life seized: Playing with money and happiness

Playing with money and happiness the condogebouw in Bangkok where I live is a small laundry. The shop is run by Kob, a Thai â € “estimated at â �..


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Journal Ramsey Fox: My life in Thailand

Hello everyone. First let me introduce myself, of course. My name is Ramsey and I went to Thailand. Since March 2013 officially isolated «emigrated That i..


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Diary of Roger Stassen (2): Thai brooms and life insurance

Stassen Roger (59) Filing clerk ( Genk) and author of several children’s books, is married to Siriwan since 1993. She was then a teacher in Chiengkho..


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On the bike the Thai life in Cha Am discover

On the bike the Thai life in Cha Am discover Netherlands has 16 million inhabitants and a multitude of cycling. Thailand with about 65 million inhabitants ..


4th of June 2013 15

Nana Hotel Parking Lot Girls — Bangkok Thailand Night Life

CLICK link to see Thai girls in the Nana Hotel parking lot.. NaNa Hotel Parking Lot Girls are a large part of the Sukhumvit are..


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Living the Good Life Outside of Pattaya – Cost of Apartments Jomtien and Naklua Beaches

Membership site now open: I think many of people are kind of embarrassed when meeting strangers or telling relatives about li..


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Walking Street – Night Life at the Pattaya city 2012 – HD Part-03 end

WORLD CRUISE – LIFE Walking Street – Night Life at the Pattaya city 2012 – HD Part-03 end ——————&#821..


22nd of December 2012 1

What is life like in Thailand compared to Philippines?

I am an American living in the Philippines temporarily. I find it very hard to get used to. A lot of corruption and people are always looking for a way to ..


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