14th of August 2012 0

Also high priests have eternal life

It seems I only write pieces about death, but this time it’s something else and I need help from the readers. My girlfriend regularly, just before it..


18th of July 2012 0

Thai soap operas – the real life in Thailand?

not miss out on the Thai TV: soap operas. Every day at prime time are trainloads full of hungry viewers poured. The Thai feast of it. It is a good industry..


29th of May 2012 0

How is life in a Thai village

I’ve been 5 years in Ban Namphon, which is about 30 kilometers from Udon Thani is. It is not indicated on the signs as you drive on the main directio..


16th of May 2012 0

Film about daily life in northern Thailand

That life in North and Northeast Thailand is totally different in big cities like Bangkok, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai and Pattaya is clear. Many people choose to ..


6th of April 2012 0

Life in an inspiring Isan: Immigration Forms

Koh Larn – 30 minutes from Pattaya Beach – There is a small island called Koh Larn Pattaya, about 30 minutes by boat from Pattaya Beach . I had..


23rd of March 2012 0

Life in a Thai prison

Lien Yang is overjoyed to see me. Three quarters of an hour he sits opposite me beaming. Yet this is our first meeting. The two rows of bars, the glass and..


18th of February 2012 0

V-log of a cameraman in training about life in Bangkok

Friso Poldervaart study to follow the cameraman at the Academy of Media , Art & Performance. He goes his final internship in Bangkok to do the video p..


7th of February 2012 0

Overwintering in Thailand: how beautiful life can be?

When morning I get up in Hua Hin and the sun toeschijnt me happy, I realize that I am lucky. The laptop on the kitchen table in the cozy bungalow is patien..


8th of January 2012 0

A dilemma: how much is it (extended) life of your father’s worth?

My neighbor Mo is her father. He lies in a hospital in Pitsanoluk. A private hospital, the hospital because of the government branch is not so well known. ..


24th of September 2011 0

No idea what life in the Netherlands costs

Thai women (sorry, it are mostly women who come to the Netherlands anyway) often have no idea what life in Netherlands costs. They see only what we spend i..


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