28th of April 2014 1

Should I visit Penang or Phuket?

I’m going to be traveling around this area and only have the option to visit one of these places. I’m going to be traveling alone and on a pret..


8th of April 2014 4

2 Week Pattaya Trip

Video Rating: 5 / 5


4th of March 2014 0

For me, no longer rented

I rented a house twice. Both times we were expelled for various reasons. first we rented a Thai: we had a one year contract and I only paid 3500 baht per m..


3rd of March 2014 4

In Pattaya, Thailand…Which hotel/motel is a good cheap one?

I want to be able to bring a ‘guest’ back sometimes and not be charged for the extra person…also, I’m not really a loud party type ..


23rd of February 2014 24

Cost of Living in Thailand Food, Hotels, Apartments, Transportation & more

Facebook: Instagram: @jubril | Twitter: Youtube: http://youtube.c..


19th of February 2014 2

is this music video too racy? it was banned in Thailand!?

i think it was unfair to ban it just because it’s got some hotness going on! what do you guys think? Best ..


15th of February 2014 1

Bangla Road, Thailand, Phuket

C Самого начало 0 день, Таиланд, о.Пхукет, начало 1й день, ужин н..


11th of February 2014 1

Thailand Holiday Question?

Hi there, myself and my girlfriend are interested in going to Thailand. We have given our trip a total of 12 days and want to know if its possible (and log..


7th of February 2014 16

My $270 A Month Hotel Room In Chiang Mai, Thailand – Smith Residence.

My 0 (8000 baht) A Month Hotel Room In Chiang Mai, Thailand – Smith Residence. The room itself was 7200 baht for the month. My water and power bill c..


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