28th of April 2014 1

Should I visit Penang or Phuket?

I’m going to be traveling around this area and only have the option to visit one of these places. I’m going to be traveling alone and on a pret..


24th of April 2014 1

Thailand vs Ecuador beaches?

I’m wondering which country has better beaches, Thailand or Ecuador, when it comes to cleanliness, softness of the sand, warmth of the sea and facili..


3rd of March 2014 0

An old woman dies in the village of Gerrie

About a cremation here in Isaan I have something written, but not yet dying and reincarnation. It is pure observation without judgment. Back path She had b..


28th of February 2014 0

Diary of Hans Struylaart (4): The wild wood nymph

A sloppy ten years ago I was Koh Samet. A beautiful island, where high-rise Noga is not allowed, as in the rest of Thailand on the different coasts. Delici..


14th of November 2012 0

The taxi boat, a great alternative in Bangkok

There are many types of vehicles in the metropolis Bangkok. You can in a taxi or Tuk Tuk steps, but the chance that while spitsuur far is , is small. Bec..


13th of November 2012 0

News from Thailand – November 13, 2012

Twice a year a meeting with a senior official, a visa extension of 3 months to 1 year multiple entry: these are some perks that Elite Card offers to touris..


11th of November 2012 0

Rayong, an hour or two!

Perhaps as a reaction to the energetic modernization of the last 60 years in Thailand, where many historical parts of cities across the country were neglec..


7th of November 2012 0

News from Thailand – November 7, 2012

The planned assassination of former Prime Minister Thaksin has made possible for him to give a credible excuse not to visit Tachilek, say â € ~ intellig..


6th of November 2012 0

The tsunami disaster movie

‘The Impossible’ at the International Film Festival in Tokyo was recently screened a film, which frighteningly realistic and the terrible trage..


25th of October 2012 0

“You end up dead or you’re going to prison ‘

At 18 he learned to read and write, on his 26th he was put in prison and was sentenced to death and now, on his 38th, he has his bachelorâ € ™ s degre..


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