31st of March 2014 3

Thailand travel question?

——————————————— . I have heard so many people say nice things abo..


11th of February 2014 1

Thailand Holiday Question?

Hi there, myself and my girlfriend are interested in going to Thailand. We have given our trip a total of 12 days and want to know if its possible (and log..


10th of September 2013 0

Readers Question: My passport is full, it can be replaced?

Dear readers, threatens to fill up my passport with stamps and visas. By many travels in Asia « Can I replace it at the Dutch Embassy in Bangkok for a new..


5th of August 2013 0

Readers Question: Where in Bangkok should I book a hotel?

Dear readers, We are planning with some friends two weeks to Thailand. First we want to make Bangkok unsafe. We like to eat a Soda and therefore want to be..


9th of June 2013 0

Readers Question: How do I get in Thailand Attestatie the Vita?

Dear readers, I have for the first time such a proof to my pension. Who knows cheap option to obtain an accepted stamp ‘ve Searched the web but IR..


17th of May 2013 0

Readers Question: How much money do you give at a Thai party?

Dear readers, I have a question about monetary contribution to marry boyfriend, death of a family member and friend who visit a house built and now is read..


10th of May 2013 0

Readers Question: Can I return to my condo rental to tourists?

Dear readers, past eighteen months I have a three bedroom condo in Jomtien. Nice place and sea view. Because I really only want to rent to tourists. Stay f..


24th of February 2013 0

Readers Question: How do I generate additional revenue in Thailand?

Dear Readers, I have a question about my dream: within 3 to 5 years in Thailand to live. I am determined not only to see it sit in Thailand to live. The ma..


8th of November 2012 0

Readers Question: Can I immigrate to fiscal Thailand?

Dear Readers, I would submit to you the following question. For several years my wife and I stay at least 2 x 3 months per year (more than 180 days) in Chi..


4th of November 2012 0

Readers Question: “What is the best way to Thailand to save money for your partner?”

My question, which I would like to present to the readers of Blog Thailand living in Thailand, is the following: “What is the best way in Thailand to..


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