28th of April 2014 1

Should I visit Penang or Phuket?

I’m going to be traveling around this area and only have the option to visit one of these places. I’m going to be traveling alone and on a pret..


1st of December 2013 3

How much should I expect to spend a day in Malaysia and Thailand budget travel? Thanks?

The date is January and February 2007. This estimated cost should include hostel, food, transport and things like that. I appreciate if you can give me you..


5th of September 2013 0

Statement of the week: “Foreigners should accept Thailand as it is’

Everyone in this world grows in generally the same way. You learn to walk, talk shows, being raised by parents, goes to school and take part in the society..


5th of August 2013 0

Readers Question: Where in Bangkok should I book a hotel?

Dear readers, We are planning with some friends two weeks to Thailand. First we want to make Bangkok unsafe. We like to eat a Soda and therefore want to be..


3rd of August 2013 4

How much money should I bring for two weeks in Thailand?

Im going to Thailand for New Years and Im trying to figure how much money I should bring with me. We will be spending a majority of the time in Bangkok but..


30th of June 2013 0

“Bo pin yang, everything should disappear once anyway. That is in the nature of things. “

Antonin Cee lives sinds late eighties in Chiangmai and voert theme of travel. He studied philosophy at the University of Montpellier in France and work..


2nd of June 2013 0

If you ask something and you get it, you should not complain

Ban faj is a celebration in which the gods are invited to rain, lots of rain, which can be. guaranteed a rich harvest Every year there in place Si Chumphu ..


3rd of May 2013 3

What debit card should I use to exchange $ for baht in Thailand?

Are there any debit cards that don’t chanrge % commision, withdrawal fee and have a low rate of interest charged the moment you withdraw cash? If not..


16th of March 2013 3

Where in Thailand should I rent a place for 4 months, and how much?

I want to rent fairly comfortable place in Thailand for 4 months. Want to be able to use internet regularly, hang out with people, and of course meet lovel..


2nd of December 2012 3

What should I do and see on my trip to Thailand?

I’m going to Thailand with my boyfriend in August for two weeks and I was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice? I’ve never been there bef..


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