25th of November 2013 0

Messages from the Upper Ping (4): A canine story

inequality that is so typical of Thai society, extends equally merciless in the dog world. Noble Dogs top of the ladder are noble dogs, reared in villaâ �..


29th of October 2013 0

Tough costs: A Thai love story

Hans Geleijnse (68) was radio operator in the Navy, cuttings patch, shoe salesman and most of his working life journalist. For the GPD, a now-dissolved in ..


16th of October 2013 0

Public health in Thailand, a success story

Thailand has a long and successful history behind in the development of public health. WHO, World Health Organization, 2007 many children died at that time..


26th of September 2013 0

A touching story from Pattaya

Yeah, I walk long enough here in Pattaya to know how relationships between a Thai lady and a farang be assembled and disassembled. It can go well, I know q..


8th of September 2013 0

A story in four acts

Bumrungrad is a publicly traded international hospital, located in Nana. is a district in Bangkok that a lot of people will call no associations of nurses ..


12th of May 2013 0

The Blue Elephant, a success story

Had to smile when I recently published by news giant CNN fifty delicious dishes, you on our globe can enjoy, came to see. Thailand scores in the world list..


19th of December 2011 0

A bizarre story about a Thai visa

visa thailand The Dutch father of Emma lived for years in Thailand. Emma (15) in Bangkok has followed the high school and studying for several months in En..


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