5th of March 2014 0

Theorem v / d week: Thai swallow drugs like candy

A farang friend of mine had once flu . His Thai setting insisted on a doctor’s visit. The friend wrote me that he knew what would happen: he got a pi..


12th of February 2014 0

Long-distance marriage to a Thai woman (1) – How it all started …

I’m Chris, a 31-year-old boy from the small village of Grave (Noord-Brabant). On mâ € ™ s 27th I got twelve years older Saengduan know in Bangko..


9th of February 2014 0

Nothing cozier than a Thai funeral

On my 50th birthday, when I was chairman of the tennis Koewacht , I was offered a birthday that I will never forget. Includes a blotetettendanseres dressed..


6th of February 2014 0

About free and outlaw Thai

Antonin Cee lives sinds late eighties in Chiangmai and voert themed trips out. He studied philosophy at the University of Montpellier in France and wor..


20th of January 2014 0

The Mystery of the Laughing Thai

The Secret The Mona Lisa is revealed, I read recently in Scientific American. The world famous Italian namely always seems to smile at you, but when you lo..


6th of January 2014 23

Southern Thai Food (แกงใต้) – Stink Beans and Fiery Chilies!

There are many regional variations of Thai food, but southern Thai food (แกงใต้) is my absolute favorite. Get southern Thai food in Bangkok her..


6th of January 2014 0

Theorem v / d week: From 9,000 baht per month, a Thai non life!

It has now been a year ago that Prime Minister Yingluck it by her party promised minimum daily wage of 300 baht (â, ¬ 6,70) introduced. A beautiful and s..


2nd of January 2014 0

Theorem v / d week: Superiority Waan Thai keeps separate

lot on this blog already stepped on the nature and cause of the political crisis and protest wave that Thailand holds the grip. In those comments à © à ..


17th of December 2013 0

“A relationship with a Thai woman is so different with western ‘

I recently read a column by Jeffrey Weinberg in the Telegraph. It’s about the man it was to be. Treated as a house slave He wants to feel again man a..


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