12th of December 2013 0

Former Thai Prime Minister charged with murder | That’s Why

Thailand has seen several periods of political unrest since Thaksin was ousted in a military coup in 2006, with rival protests spilling into the streets in..


28th of November 2013 0

From the Thai life seized: Playing with money and happiness

Playing with money and happiness the condogebouw in Bangkok where I live is a small laundry. The shop is run by Kob, a Thai â € “estimated at â �..


7th of November 2013 0

Perhaps the biggest and best Thai restaurant in the Netherlands!

Thai cuisine is enormously popular in recent years. Netherlands now has therefore ZOA € ™ s 200 Thai restaurants. Given the excellent reviews of Sukany..


30th of October 2013 10

Thai Street Food in Bangkok, Thailand – My Thai Breakfast

This is my Thai breakfast : Thai street food vendors prepare various types of Thai street food including Sweet Crispy Noodles ( Mee Grop, Mee Krop ), Thai ..


29th of October 2013 0

Tough costs: A Thai love story

Hans Geleijnse (68) was radio operator in the Navy, cuttings patch, shoe salesman and most of his working life journalist. For the GPD, a now-dissolved in ..


28th of October 2013 0

Journal of Kees Roijter (3): She’s a sweet girl, my Thai

The storage and savings drift of Pon: is that Thai culture or something or is it just everywhere? It is the last, I think. Thai women are no different than..


26th of October 2013 0

The Thai television, a brief exploration

I do not watch much TV but if I do, I look about half of the time to the BBC or CNN and the other half to Thai television. The last two weeks I looked  m..


22nd of October 2013 5

Feasting on Thai street food at the Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market | Thailand Travel Video

In our latest travel video we follow our stomachs to the Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market to feast on some delicious Thai street food. As regular gluttons ..


22nd of October 2013 0

Theorem v / d week: The Thai language is not pleasing to the ear

There are about 6,800 known languages ​​around the world. Of these 2,261 based on a written system, the others are just below spoken form. Some languag..


18th of October 2013 11

Paste Modern Thai Food – One of The Best Restaurants in Bangkok

Paste is one of the best restaurants in Bangkok that specializes in extremely high quality modern Thai food. Get all the details here – http://migrat..


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