23rd of May 2013 1

where is a better place to study for travel tourism hospitality degree?

uk is too expensive, so are there any other places that is a good place to study for travel tourism hospitality degree, recognized? Best answer: Answer by ..


20th of May 2013 0

KRO Spoorloos to Thailand, “Is my father really that bad?”

A week ago got Issara in KRO Spoorloos of his Thai mother little good to hear about his biological father. Issara would like to know if the stories of his ..


19th of May 2013 0

Riva Surya Hotel Bangkok Thailand (May 2013) – HD

Brand new HD video of the Riva Surya Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. In this video filmed 8-10 May 2013 we hope to give you a sense of what this boutique hotel..


11th of May 2013 0

มารยา Yamaha thailand music festival (idy)

เพลงมายา (Idy) Yamaha thailand music festival. Video Rating: 5 / 5


8th of May 2013 0

Message from Holland (1)

On May 1, I left Thailand and on May 1st I arrived in the Netherlands. That was the first time, because previous times I always arrived a day later. Back i..


7th of May 2013 1

How much are flights from Singapore – Koh Samui?

Was just wondering what you should expect to pay for flights :- From Singapore – Koh Samui & Koh Samui – Bangkok Am looking for the cheape..


7th of May 2013 0

Dutch museum in Ayutthaya Baan Hollanda

Since last month’s Dutch museum in Ayutthaya Baan Hollanda open to the public. This museum is a gift from the Dutch people to Thailand on the occasio..


3rd of May 2013 3

What debit card should I use to exchange $ for baht in Thailand?

Are there any debit cards that don’t chanrge % commision, withdrawal fee and have a low rate of interest charged the moment you withdraw cash? If not..


1st of May 2013 0

Mea Nang Kwak

Mae Nang Kwak is the patron of trade and business in Thailand. This legendary woman has become the symbol of prosperity and happiness. a picture or a sculp..


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“Why is this guy so straightforward?”

â € ~ Some people say WD sets hard questions. Some say that the questions are inappropriate and confrontational. Thais. Ask such questions So what? Its ..


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