28th of April 2014 1

Should I visit Penang or Phuket?

I’m going to be traveling around this area and only have the option to visit one of these places. I’m going to be traveling alone and on a pret..


12th of April 2014 4

First trip to Thailand?

Hey me and my friends have decided on a trip to Thailand and want to make sure about some of the basic stuff before we start planning any further. I would ..


22nd of August 2012 0

Thai massage through the eyes of a woman

Since most stories on this blog are written from the perspective of a man I thought I leave the plunge even attract a woman and my story about my experienc..


7th of July 2012 0

Coral Island, Pattaya

Coral Island, Pattaya, Thailand Video Rating: 0 / 5


8th of February 2012 0

Tigers and lions on menu in Bangkok

In Thailand The police discovered an illegal slaughterhouse in Bangkok. Some men were just doing protected animals to be slaughtered on behalf of a restaur..


12th of December 2011 1

Thailand hotel built-in dual voltage converter in bathroom doesn’t charge toothbrush. What am I doing wrong?

I am now living in Thailand and am staying at a gorgeous executive serviced apartment that has a built-in voltage converter that one can go between 220 and..


25th of November 2011 0

Thai men have more sex than their wives

The study of drug giant Pfizer (Viagra) is a notable discrepancy forward. Thai men have a monthly average of 7.7 times community, while their female compat..


1st of October 2011 0

Ning likes Holland. And I

I wrote a blog or so ago that the Netherlands is a country where I do not want to be dead. Not true of course. Greatly exaggerated. I will, dear reader, te..


27th of September 2011 0

Nearly 100 rescued endangered Pangolins

BANGKOK – Authorities In Thailand, nearly 100 Pangolins saved. The animals would be sold on the menu and end up outside the country. The Sunday antea..


12th of September 2011 0

Laos wants to begin construction controversial Mekongdam

Laos in December to begin the construction of the controversial Xayaburi Dam in the Mekong River, a project of $ 3.8 billion, financed by the Thai Xayaburi..


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