9th of September 2011 0

Can I ever emigrate to Thailand?

Lately I’ve been with the thought of ever emigrating to Thailand. All this inspired by: the austerity drive in the Netherlands, politics and the atmo..


30th of May 2011 0

Attestation de Vita

For specific personal reasons I decided quite a few years before my retirement age of 65. That was because I could use a scheme for early retirement in the..


6th of May 2011 0

10 tips for the ultimate experience in Bangkok!

Krung Thep say at Bangkok Thai. That means’ City of Angels “. A special city. You rarely see such a contrast between rich and poor. A huge metr..


4th of May 2011 0

King Bhumibol is recovering well after surgery

The 83-year-old King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand is recovering well after surgery to remove his cerebrospinal fluid. This is a spokesman for the Royal F..


29th of April 2011 0

Thailand gets radio stations off the air

The offices of 13 radio stations on the side of anti-government red shirts have been closed after police raids. A police commander said the stations were o..


28th of April 2011 0

Finest low price Pattaya Hotels Pattaya’s Nightlife …

Pattaya is the closest beach resort to Bangkok. And identical to its sister city – Pattaya has some of the most inexpensive means of low resorts in T..


23rd of April 2011 0

Accidents, death toll rises to 229 New Year celebrations in Thailand

In the first six days of traditional New Year holiday in Thailand are already 229 people died in road accidents. In total, almost 3,000 accidents recorded,..


23rd of April 2011 0

Burmese in Thailand, they are there, but you do not see them

It is only 60 km westward drive of the luxury resort of Hua Hin, but what a world of difference ! There is no electricity, some miserable huts and dozens o..


19th of March 2011 0

Jumeirah Island Phuket| Jumeirah Construction | Islands Phuket

Jumeirah island phuket & Phuket real estate is the specialisation of Real estate in Thailand. You may be able to browse comprehensive database for info..


17th of March 2011 1

Thailand: COLD

Right now it is high summer, at least. It’s 18 degrees! It’s so cold! And no sun, you see everyone walking with hands together, I have my thick..


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