11th of July 2012 1

Happy Medical Tourism Thailand

For decades Thailand has had a reputation as an unparalleled holiday destination as a result of the country’s safety, friendliness and healthy lifest..


28th of May 2012 0

Theorem v / d week: “Thailand’s sex tourism would have to deal with!”

Sex tourism Thailand is hospitable country. Every year millions of tourists visit this gem in Southeast Asia. The majority of tourists come for the friendl..


22nd of May 2012 0

Growth in tourism to Thailand mainly due to Chinese

The Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sport has this week brought out figures on tourist arrivals in April 2012. It shows that the number of Chinese visiting Th..


29th of March 2012 1

Has tourism in phuket thailand had a negative or positive impact upon the environment or the culture?

and what is being done to manage these effects? Best answer: Answer by spankyIn general terms, any increase in tourism and population is going to have a ne..


15th of January 2012 0

Tourism is booming in Myanmar

(Reuters) Myanmar, formerly Burma, after experiencing the end of a military dictatorship – however modest – tourist influx. The growth rate is ..


18th of November 2011 0

Thailand Tourism

Thailand with its amazing beauty and wonderful opportunities for immense pleasure for travelers around the world has surely become one of the most sought a..


11th of November 2011 0

High impact tourism by Thailand floods

flooding in Bangkok , the worst in decades, have a major impact on tourist flows to popular destinations. The number of tourists landing at Suvarnabhumi In..


17th of October 2011 3

What are the socio-cultural impacts on medical tourism in Thailand?

The title says it all, i just need information, just articles are fine. anything plz Best answer: Answer by spankyI don’t think there are any cultura..


1st of October 2011 1

Which is better in tourism Thailand or Malaysia?

Our school is planing to make a trip to Thailand and Malaysia so I have to chose one Best answer: Answer by Deux Chiens FourrentThailand Give your answer t..


19th of September 2011 0

Knowledge Tourism in Northeast Thailand

A new initiative of The National Tourist Office TAT is the “knowledge tourism” to promote. That tourists are attracted to more knowledge about ..


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