19th of February 2014 2

is this music video too racy? it was banned in Thailand!?

i think it was unfair to ban it just because it’s got some hotness going on! what do you guys think? Best ..


22nd of October 2013 5

Feasting on Thai street food at the Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market | Thailand Travel Video

In our latest travel video we follow our stomachs to the Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market to feast on some delicious Thai street food. As regular gluttons ..


7th of October 2013 0

Two million hit by Thai floods (video)

in 2013 struggling with Thailand floods. About two million Thai in 27 provinces have been affected by the violence of the rising water. In recent days anot..


19th of September 2013 0

Just a day in a village in Isaan (video)

Below is a particularly nice movie about just a day in a village in the Isaan. The village is called Kanthuat Ramuean located in the province of Surin on H..


7th of September 2013 0

Extreme triking in Chiang Mai (video) | Thailand blog

Chiang Mai Thai daredevils go with a kind trike the hills. It looks spectacular and is not without danger. Fun for adrenaline junkies.


30th of July 2013 0

Oil spill blow to tourism on Koh Samet (video)

50,000 gallons of crude oil that pollute the beaches of Koh Samet hunt all the tourists on the island. Bookings are massively canceled. A severe blow to lo..


12th of June 2013 0

Doi Inthanon National Park, Chiang Mai (video)

The roof of Thailand is home to the highest mountain of the kingdom. Doi Inthanon is less than 2565 meters above sea level. Your stay in Chiang Mai, then a..


28th of May 2013 0

Nude dancing ladyboys on YouTube apologize to (video)

This past weekend there again fuss on social media on a YouTube video. This time of two naked ladyboys dancing to the music ‘Splash Out’, a sup..


22nd of May 2013 0

Nature of Bangkok Lumpini park (video)

Our loyal reader and Belgian filmmaker Chris Verboven has several times made us happy with a wonderful video. His latest creation is worth it. This shows p..


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